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AD Music on Youtube

Over the years a large number of videos have been created for AD Music. Sometimes by artists themselves, sometimes by fans and sometimes by professional video creators. Seeing these visual creations that so beautifully accompany our music is always a thrill.

Many of these videos can be found on the AD Music Youtube page: To visit the new AD Music Youtube VEVO page, please click here. To visit the old AD Music Youtube page, please click here:

As an aside, we have also created many videos ourselves, including for concert backdrops. Many of these were created by Dave Massey, who now devotes his enormous talent to photography. You can check out his website here.

David Wright has also turned his attentions from music to video creation on occasion. Visit his website here:

Our in house videos are now usually created by Graham Bedford at GB PhotoArt. To visit Graham’s website, please click here.