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Why Music Videos are so Important.

David Wright | July 22, 2021

As a musician your primary interest is creating a work of art. You want to express a thought, a feeling or even tell a story through your music. However, good music often gets missed. That’s because there is so much competition out there, especially in the ambient electronic music genre. In addition, there are now so many media platforms. That is where music videos can benefit you, music videos boost your visibility and exposure exponentially. From a marketing perspective, music videos are used to promote the sale of your work by drawing in your audience and making a stronger connection with between your audience yourself. It can and should also be considered part of the artistry.

In reality, the visual impact will be to help tell the story and for some create a lasting memory. People feel a bond when they are able to share experiences and emotions, and music videos give the opportunity for this to happen. Creating a multi-dimensional experience for your audience enhances their pleasure and gives them the chance to see if their interpretation of your music is the same as theirs. Check out some examples of video used to enhance the dark ambient music of Divine Matrix.

When considering using the visual effects of a music video there are essentially three types to consider:

Purely abstract:

Used mainly when you want to hold the viewers’ attention by creating images that flow with the music.

Real Life:

If your music is describing a place or event, then you can use video footage of the place or event to great effect.


Yes, allowing the audience to see you playing creates a greater bond between yourself and your audience. Of course, this can also be used to great effect when combined with one of the other styles.

Graham Bedford, Photographer & Videographer



Written by David Wright