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Steve Orchard – Listening for a Heartbeat

David Wright | May 25, 2021
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Another exciting new age music release from Steve Orchard that mixes guitars, synthesisers and orchestral arrangements.

His wonderfully relaxed style of acoustic and electronic music contains echoes of Mike Oldfield and Tangerine Dream. But above all, it is underpinned with excellent guitar and synthesizer work, maintaining Steve’s unique new age style. Similarly, it creates a gentle, relaxing feel throughout. Above all, ‘Listening for a Heartbeat’ is space music full of imaginative themes, rhythmic delights and melodic orchestration.

The arrangements are complex, with occasional vocal textures and excellent synthesizer work adding a classy layer throughout. In addition, Steve’s excellent guitar work deserves special mention because it subtly incorporates it into the arrangements. Subsequently, the album rises above similar music of the genre.

In conclusion, ‘Listening for a Heartbeat’ is reminiscent of some of the great synth album of the 1980’s because of the feeling of adventure in listening to something new and different.

The artist himself thinks this album might be his best work to date…it’s difficult to disagree with that.

Available now from the AD Music Shop.

Written by David Wright