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Schallwelle Music Awards 2014/15

David Wright | January 14, 2015

AD-logo-tropicalIt’s that time of year again when the votes are being counted for the German Schallwelle Music Awards. There are, as always. many great artists and albums under consideration from around the world, and as in previous years, we’re very proud to have numerous AD Music artists and album ‘in the mix’. The voting ends end of January 2015, when the nominations are down to a ‘top 10’ for the National and International categories of ‘Best Album” and “Best Artist”. For those unfamiliar with the awards, the ‘National’ in this instance is for German acts while International is ‘rest of the world.

So, if you want to vote for your favourite AD Music album and/or Artist, the go the Schallwelle Music web site and follow the instructions to vote.

Here are the AD Music artists and albums listed in the early nominations:

Ashok Prema
Claudio Merlini
Code Indigo
David Wright
Lord of the Ants
Robert Fox
Steve Orchard
The Pels Syndicate

Claudio Merlini – Forever Changes
Code Indigo – Take the Money and Run
David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 1
Iotronica – Of Moons and Stars
Lord of the Ants – Firebird
Robert Fox – Asfafa 2
Steve Orchard – Pilgrimage
The Pels Syndicate – Transfer of My Affections

Written by David Wright