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Robert Fox – Phoenix Rising. CD available to pre-order – downloads available now!

David Wright | May 8, 2019

The brand new Robert Fox studio album, his 18th solo album and the first non soundtrack release in 6 years, is now available to download from admusicshop.com with the CD available to pre-order. The CD release date is 3rd June 2019 although it will be available at the AD Music E-Scape Festival on 1st June. Sound bites and more information on the AD Music website. The music is emotive and melodic with a dream like quality that flows over the listener in warm layers of deep, gentle ambience.

Track details:

1. Dream State (10:30)
2. Paris Rain (7:28)
3. Lana’s Theme (4:58)
4. Waiting for the Horizon (8:24)
5. Star Crossed (7:10)
6. Lady of Light (6:04)
7. Phoenix Rising (11:51)
CD album time 56:45

‘Dream State’ sets the tone with it evocative deep strings, sampled vocals and gentle, drifting melody atop a simple but effective rhythm. The mood is repeated with the excellent ‘Paris Rain’ while the soulful and heartfelt ‘Lana’s Theme’ effectively strips the composers emotions bare. ‘Waiting For the Horizon’ hints at a rhythmic and sequenced style found in Robert’s earlier career, while ‘Star Crossed’ is a compelling mix of rhythm, melody and experimental atmospherics.

‘Lady of Light’ delightfully continues the ethereal and dream like feel with more sampled voice and an almost classical feel, before the closing title track twists and turns between gentle vocal and sequenced passages and a rock rhythm finale.

‘Phoenix Rising’ is actually, at its heart, a very laid back album. But that said, it contains some of the most beautiful, involving music from Robert Fox in many years.

Written by David Wright