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relaxing space music

Relaxing space music is a sub genre of new age music. It tends to feature relaxation elements found in meditation music but is imbued with ambient and space music influences. The music tends to be gentle and hypnotic, using slowly evolving synth pad drones, guitars and vocal textures. It is sometime referred to as lounge music or easy listening music.


The music meditation trend of the 1980s focused on music to relax the mind, body and soul and help practice meditation. In the 1990s an increasing number of artists explored ambient, experimental and space music, which in itself was intended as contemplative music. So it was inevitable that these overlapping styles would converge.


AD Music shop offers a wide range of music that combines all the ingredients of relaxing space music. From the ambient drones and guitar of Acheloo to the spacey soundscapes of Divine Matrix, AD Music Shop continues to add to its impressive catalogue of unique electronic music.