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The Lost Colony – David Wright, soundtrack to Matt Howarth novella

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Available as a factory pressed, replicated enhanced CD containing music by David Wright and the Matt Howarth novella ‘The Lost Colony. The music is also available as 16bit  mp3, flac and apple lossless download and as true 24bit flac and apple lossless download. Check out our FAQ page for more information. (16 bit download free with CD, check purchasing options). 

Demo Tracks and Info

David Wright soundtrack to the Matt Howarth novella ‘The Lost Colony’.

This enhanced CD contains 68 minutes of new electronic music by David Wright. And it includes the Matt Howarth sci-fi novella ‘The Lost Colony’ available as a pdf file.

David Wright’s unique style is perfect for this project because it helps capture the journey so vividly presented by Matt Howarth sci-fi novell. And because the adventure on the desert world is so expertly crafted by Matt Howarth, David Wright’s music is an interpretation not a soundtrack. So we are confident that you will enjoy both, because they work so well together.

“A colony ship landed on their target world but find it is not what they were led to expect. So life is a harsh struggle, a seemingly losing battle against the local environment. Because a glimmer of salvation arises, the colonists must overcome fatalism and so fight to support hope of survival”.

For more details of Matt Howarth’s works, please visit his website at www.matthowarth.com

Pre-order bonus for pre-order customers until the 100 exclusive content discs are gone. You will receive an additional promotional CD featuring radio edits and an exclusive unreleased track. And there is also a video in which David Wright discusses the music for The Lost Colony.  (This offer only applies to AD Music pre-orders. The additional disc will be shipped with the album CD on 10th May and download customers will receive details of a separate download link).




CD and downloads available  as a factory pressed, replicated enhanced CD containing music by David Wright and the Matt Howarth novella ‘The Lost Colony. The music is also available as 16bit  mp3, flac and apple lossless download and as true 24bit flac and apple lossless download. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

3 reviews for The Lost Colony – David Wright, soundtrack to Matt Howarth novella

  1. Paul Asbury Seaman (verified owner)

    “An epic, exhilarating masterpiece. The first several tracks have the feel of 1980s-era TanDream. Then comes the 24-minute title track, which blew me away with its momentum and scope. I generally don’t care for cinematic ambient, for the same reason that most soundtracks don’t work as musical albums: too much drama and forced emotions. Wright’s music often skirts the edges of these pitfalls, but is grounded in a genuine depth of feeling and exotic musical textures.”
    Paul Asbury Seaman 07/05/2021

  2. Shelley WinterDavid Wright (verified owner)

    Created specially as a sonic interpretation of Matt Howarth’s 2012 sci-fi novella, this is yet another stunning example of the inherent wizardry of David Wright; composer, musician, sound engineer and producer extraordinaire!

    Seven years of germination transpired before David’s meticulous music mind fully realised the direction in which to develop this conceptual piece of scintillating ‘sci-fidelica’.

    It was David’s sincere desire to produce a musical landscape that adequately conveyed the ominous mystery of Howarth’s otherworldly literary manifestation. Being a fellow martian, there was a natural born alliance here, driving the imperative to deliver a soundscape that coalesced the written word with its soon to be, sonic partner.

    This self imposed directive has been achieved with mastery and aplomb. David’s ‘Lost Colony’ is indeed a fitting window of wonder into Howarth’s eerie space odyssey.

    Ignition begins with ‘0.5au’, the fantastic opening track, which immediately sets the scene for the journey ahead. It boasts a gentle power which draws the listener in rapidly and does not relinquish its hold until the last note has been played. In short, it has a quiet majesty.There is a mood of adventure, trepidation and victory, all combining together to send you spiralling through the galaxy, perhaps on a mad mission to mars! A superb start and along with the title track, this is my joint favourite tune on the album.

    ‘Crystal Windsong’ provides a slightly haunting and suitably spacey feel that meanders eloquently through ethereal textures and soft, surreal soundscapes, leading the listener into ‘Subconscious Matter and Other Indigenous Lifeforms’ which is cautious, measured and a little quirky; trickling bell like echoes and slow strings which creep quietly into lulled soporific synapses. Following this, we delve into ‘Alpha’ which reveals an almost disturbing presence with its sequenced, somewhat brooding oscillations (as perfectly befits the theme of the book)…there may be strange, mysterious and dark things ahead!

    Onward bound, we find ourselves enjoying a lighter respite with ‘Desert Theme’, inspired by the real life finding of ancient stone tablets, discovered in the 1950’s in Ugarit, Syria which are inscribed with the world’s oldest known song containing notation. Thought to be 3,500 years old, this remarkable discovery changes previously assumed knowledge on the origins of western music.

    ‘Desert Theme’ brings a warming and uplifting synthesis of forward movement and unexpected nostalgia, as it canters, unfettered and unperturbed through the galactic desert of Howarth’s and Wright’s starry universe. Staccato synth lines duet with a softly smouldering bottom end, accompanied by plucked strings which sparkle with a splash of Arabian delight.

    ‘Memories of Homeworld’ highlights the beautiful melancholic acoustic guitar of Andy Lobban, which provides a tenderly strummed rhythm upon which which spacey, dreamlike strings and soaring synth chords weave their way effortlessly and with an ethereal delicacy. Beautiful.

    And now for the grand finale! The title track: ‘The Lost Colony (Parts 1-V)’. This track can be summed up in one word: Epic! It is a truly spectacular tune that enchants from start to finish; and that’s no mean feat considering it is nearly 25 minutes in length and yet there is simply not a dull moment in sight, anywhere!

    The Lost Colony glides, meanders, gallops, swoops, twists and turns its wonderful way through a never-ending kaleidoscopic array of sonic marvels and tantalising aural textures. We are treated to beautiful pianos, spacious ‘out there’ synth sequencing, gorgeous flute sounds and floating velvety bass lines that carry you ever onwards and upwards.There is even something that sounds like a cantonese harp in the intro, if such an instrument even exists?
    Andy Lobban is present once again, this time serenading us with scorching electric guitar magic that sizzles, bedazzles and beseeches! The arrangements are brilliant and the production is as you would expect from the Maestro Wright;faultless.

    This album does absolute justice to Howarth’s novella and brings it alive in a form and fashion perhaps not thought possible in the mind until the visceral and deeply moving experience of Wright’s interpretation blows you away and sends you off into a universe hitherto unknown, unexpected and unexplored.

    Listen and wonder…the joy will be all yours!!

    Shelley Ginger

  3. Mike G – ambientmusicguide.com

    Brit synthesist David Wright has been around for decades, but his newbie The Lost Colony is my first encounter with this artist. This is synth music writ large, full of light and shade and melody, an imaginary accompaniment to a sci-fi novella by American writer Matt Howarth. Wright has a gift for orchestrating that sometimes reminds me of late American synthesist Richard Burmer, giving those pieces a real cinematic air. Fans of German kosmische music will also be happy. The long, episodic title track is at times pure 80’s Tangerine Dream pastiche, full of throbbing grooves, piercing guitar solos and multi-layered synth melodies that interlock like a beautiful mandala.

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