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Solar Promenades

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Solar Promenades

Solar promenades mixes elements of traditional space music, new age, ambient and electronica. Consequently it is an adventurous yet wholly accessible musical excursion into the realm of outer space. Voyage to mysterious locales on distant planets, or simply partake of broad vistas on a deep violet night sky here on Earth. Above all, this is outstanding music to immerse oneself in. Listening to it on headphones in a dark room and allowing oneself to float away into one’s imagination. In other words, a celestial excursion extraordinaire and space music at its very best.

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3 reviews for Solar Promenades

  1. Admin

    Review by Bill Binkelman – windandwire.com

    Enterphase are Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert and they are two highly talented synthesizer players, if Solar Promenades is any indication. Intermixing elements of traditional spacemusic, SF noises and effects, classic electronic new age music, and a few sidesteps into electronica, retro EM, and ambient, the CD is an adventurous yet wholly accessible musical excursion into the realm of outer space, or to mysterious locales on other planets, or even simply partaking of broad vistas on a deep violet night sky here on Earth. All in all, this is outstanding music to immerse oneself in, listening to it on headphones in a dark room and allowing oneself to float/cruise away into one’s imagination.

    The title track starts things off nicely with twinkling sequenced notes, haunting washes of classic spacemusic keyboards, and some mildly distorted noise effects now and then. “After Service” begins with abrupt alien-ish sounds amidst skittering contemporary beats and textures and slowly the song incorporates more and more elements, while staying relatively low key. The mix is really dense on this cut, and it’s fun to try to isolate all the musical components, whether they are whooshing and shushing sounds, soft synth strings, or other things out on the periphery. “Procession at Dawn” has a certain regal and stately feel to it (you’d expect as much with that title, right?) as fuzz tones, sequenced retro synth bleeps, and soaring keyboards swirl around each other

    Throughout the album, the production, engineering and mix is outstanding, among the best I heard last year. It’s difficult to believe that the two artists use only three different synths, although since they are assisted on various tracks by other notables in the EM and ambient world (Dean De Benidictus, David Wright, and John Dumitru), it’s not really just two synths at times. Of course, it’s nigh impossible (for me at least) to tell who is doing what, but in this case, the “whole” is so damned enjoyable that I don’t mind being unable to differentiate.

    Other songs include the beautiful “Snow Paths” (a lovely song that manages to be “pretty” without being the least bit sappy), the relatively long (nine-and-a-half minutes) “Ray Bradbury’s Ghost” (constantly evolving background spacemusic elements and cosmic noises bouncing and flowing over, around, and through a refrain on what sounds like guitar, but must be a synth instead) and “When the Morrow Breaks” (which starts slowly and somewhat dark with male chorales, bell tones, and lush washes, and folds into twinkling chimes and some exotic and semi-discordant electronic noises and pitch-bent synths, all the while retaining an overall element of melancholy music).

    This is Enterphase’s third album and my first exposure to Becker and Filbert’s unique take on combining retro and contemporary electronic music of assorted types. After thoroughly digesting Solar Promenades (I must have listened to it eight times already, at least), I only wish I had known of them sooner. It’s great to hear music that sounds fresh and exciting every time I play it, and doubly so in that it pays homage to the beginnings of the spacemusic and EM genres at the same time it brings all sorts of contemporary wrinkles to the music as well. All in all, the CD is a delight and, in my opinion, an essential album to own if you love electronic spacemusic with elements of SF woven into it. Highly recommended.

  2. Admin

    Review by Synthtopia

    Solar Promenades, the latest release from Enterphase, is a strong set of new age/space music tracks that are dreamy and melodic, but that also carry an undercurrent of mystery and darkness.

    Enterphase is made up of keyboardists Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert. On this release, they are joined by David Wright, Dean de Benedictis and John Dumitru, who contribute additional synth work and sound design. They make creative use of a massive arsenal of synths.

    Enterphase’s music recalls the sounds of classic space music and Berlin school electronica of the sevenites. Their music has hints of early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Mychael Danna, Steve Roach and Michael Stearns.

    Many of the tracks on Solar Promenades are gentle and contemplative. Enterphase makes extensive use of the bell-like sounds of the Yamaha DX7, along with slow, phasing strings, creating textures that change continually without jarring. They make subtle use of sequencers to shape their tracks, repeating minimal melodies to create reflective atmospheres.

    The tracks on Solar Promenades have a cinematic quality that encourages mental imagery. Each track establishes a set of sounds and textures, and then Enterphases weaves together improvised melodies and effects. Some of the highlights of the CD are: Ray Bradbury’s Ghost, an extended track that glides slowly forward on a guitar-like sequenced melody; Time Unbound, which features interesting synth soloing over hypnotic sequences; and the final track, For You, which moves between dark ambient music to a mellow jazz vibe and back.

    The sound quality of the CD is excellent. Solar Promenades makes you want to turn up your stereo, close your eyes, and experience the glory of beautiful synth work.

  3. David Wright

    When we talk about fine space music from the USA, we should now forget about the cosmic voyages undertaken by Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert, aka Enterphase. Ten years previous to this album, they produced their first effort “Phase One”, followed by “Phase 2” in 1998.

    For the 66-minute “Solar Promenades”, they invited the help of David Wright, Dean de Benedictis and John Dumitru on a couple of tracks, who contribute tasty additional synth work and sound design to six of the 11 pieces. As on their previous works, the outer space mood and feel is culled up in a similar dreamy and overtly relaxed fashion, gliding gently though the grand design of the galaxy with lots of lush synth washes, sound fx’s along occasional melodic touches and holdback sequencer lines. Notable pieces here are opening (title) piece, “Snow Paths” and the gracious “Ice & Lace”.

    Some lengthier compositions turn up in second half of the release. Here, the outcome ventures into deeper, more profound but still friendly space territory, starting with the atmospheric “Ray Bradbury’s Ghost” and the soft soaring musings of “Time Unbound”. On the 10-minute finale “For You”, the cosmic journey winds down in subtle motion, warm pads, voice, soaring solo voices and piano.
    Space music fans should keep an eye on this release, of which some hardcopies are still available.
    Sonic Immersion © 2021

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