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Shadow of the Wind (Remastered)


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Shadow of the Wind (Remastered)

Shadow of the Wind’ is full of infectious, heart felt melodies and contemporary motifs. The music sweeps along majestically atop superb up-tempo and laid back sequencing. Here is music that is rich, melodious and soaringly soulful with a warmth and sensitivity that could only come from a woman.

Shadow of the Wind received much critical acclaim upon its release in 1997 for its epic, dune swept musical vistas. As well as bringing the music more vividly to life, this superbly remastered re-issue also includes new artwork and new music composed by Bekki Williams specially for this release.

“Here is music that is rich, melodious and soaringly soulful with a warmth and sensitivity that could only come from a woman”. (Ashley Franklin, BBC Radio Derby).

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13 reviews for Shadow of the Wind (Remastered)

  1. Amazing Sounds, Spain

    “This is the second album by Bekki Williams, another positive step in her career. As in her previous work, rhythms, good melodies and synthetic sounds are the main traits. This woman really has the talent to compose beautiful melodies”.

  2. Archie Patterson (Eurock)

    Eurock Review review

    “Shadow of the Wind is a masterpiece of symphonic electronic music that will remind many of the best works by the Euro Superstars Jarre and Vangelis… the level of sophistication both musically and instrumentally is stunning. It’s rare that a relatively new artist comes up with anything this impressive”.

  3. Steve Smith

    Review by Steve Smith at SMD

    After fighting off the dog, who has a penchant for shredding jiffy bags as they drop through the letterbox, this eagerly awaited debut CD was straight onto the player. The opening two tracks were the reason for my eagerness, being both featured on the ‘1995AD’ CD. ‘Megaera’ is very upbeat and melodic and has shades of a more modern style Tangerine Dream.

    ‘Elysian Fields Part 1’ is a classically based rich and powerful piece of music. Onto the previously unheard material, and immediately we are presented with style that a certain other EM artist from Derby specializes in – Andy Pickford. ‘Charon’ could easily be taken from ‘Terraformer’ with its Pickford-style sequencing overlaid with heavenly voices. ‘Moon of Artemis’ features more AP references with heavy drum patterns and sequencing and again a slightly classical mood. ‘Hera’ slows things down with a piano solo which develops into a steady synth track, returning to the piano to close.

    ‘Secrets of the Labyrinth’ is a track which needs playing many times to pick out everything. Starting with spacey synth washes, the sequences then come in backed by guitar effects. Sequences then dominate before more synth takes over. ‘Icarus’ has another Pickford-style intro before developing into a really attractive foot-tapper. ‘In the Arms of Morpheus’ slows things down again, a powerful rhythmic outing with flutey synth and sax sections.

    ‘A Glance from Medusa’ needs the volume turned up to fully appreciate it. A real “stormer” of a track with Pickford style sequencing bursting from the speakers. ‘Elysian Fields Part 2’ closes the album, and actually reminds me more of Robert Fox from the ‘Asfafa’ / ‘Fire and the Rose’ days. It features rich orchestral sounds with strong classical leanings, concluding with a return to the theme of ‘Part 1’ on piano.

    This CD is a superb debut. Many of you will wonder at times “could this be one Andy Pickford in disguise?” It is certainly as good as his work, and leaves you eagerly waiting for her live appearances and future albums. It’s great to hear true EM from a female in what has previously been a male dominated area. If this is anything to go by, let’s have more!

  4. CDS (UK mail order)

    “The blistering rhythms and anthemic melody line of the six and a half minute opening track ‘Cartagra’ immediately sends the listener the message that this is a player with total confidence in her ability to match anything else in her league. After a very good debut album these 10 tracks over sixty-seven minutes are a major step forward that run the whole gamut of influences, from classical to rock with some slight Eastern elements in between.

    The purposeful rhythm bases from drums, synths and sequencers add extra power to the overall feel of this album, as does the extremely well layered and orchestrated symphonic themes, that at times sound like they could have been part of some orchestral score for an epic movie. There is a distinct maturity showing with this album. The themes are huge, you won’t get a set of stronger set of memorable synth melodies and rhythms than these. These are full sounding and majestic soundscapes that are always tuneful and relatively easy on the ear and yet exciting to listen to”.

  5. Scott L. (fan)

    “Why is this woman not writing film music? To say this CD is stunning would be doing it an injustice. Wow. I’m amazed that some film director has not yet picked Bekki to do a major movie score. The standout track for me here has to be Hymn (for Her), it actually made my wife cry”.

  6. Kathy B (Fan)

    “Excellent album. Buy it. Play it. Turn up the volume. Enjoy this music from one of Britain’s most talented composers. Recommended unreservedly”.

  7. Charles L (Fan)

    “Nice, VERY nice. Sitting in the car travelling to work today and on the radio was this beautiful music. I almost crashed because I couldn’t concentrate on anything but those beautiful melodies! Fantastic album and I will be buying whatever of Bekki’s work I can get my hands on”.

  8. Jeremy M (Fan)

    “Bring on the harem and the Turkish Delight! When you listen to this CD you actually ARE in Arabia… the music transports you to strange and exotic places and makes you want to grab all of your female acquaintances and form a harem. Absolutely brilliant second album from Bekki. Can’t wait for the next one!”

  9. D Noble (fan)

    “Simply superb, blending carefully structured symphonic layers of melody and rich wall-to-wall sound that inspires, enervates and enriches. It sways from mournful to exotic to pacemaker-busting and back again, leading and enhancing whatever emotion you may be feeling. It’s synthesizer melody at its very finest.

  10. Jonathan H.

    “Staggering musicianship and beautiful melodies. I loved Bekki’s first CD Elysian Fields. Didn’t think she could top it to be honest – but then I heard Shadow of the Wind. Unbelievable melodies, she really has a gift where tunes are concerned. I can’t recommend it enough”.

  11. Ashley Franklin, BBC Radio Derby & Saga Radio.

    “Rich, melodious and soaringly soulful synth, with dare I say, a female touch … just listen to tracks like Azmara and Hymn (for Her). There’s a warmth and sensitivity here that could only come from a woman. Hit me with your handbag if you like, but it’s true”.

  12. Steve Roberts (Sequences)

    “This is warm, melodic EM at its most accomplished. Bekki’s style is a world away from the free-form analogue improvisations of some contemporary acts, and yet she represents what is probably the most accessible genre of EM, concentrating on melody and wide-eyed romanticism. Its potential appeal is great and she could turn out to be AD Music’s first big breakthrough. Watch this space”.
    (Steve Roberts, Sequences Magazine, UK.)

  13. Graham Getty (SMD)

    ‘Cartagra’ gets Bekki’s 2nd album off to a solid start. It has romantic overtones which is perhaps no surprise because some of the tracks were penned for accompaniment to a special showing of the Rudolf Valentino silent film classic ‘Desert Song’. The combination of sequencing and infectious melody make for a very satisfying opener.
    ‘Mistral’ continues the romantic air, with eastern desert references that reinforce the musical themes. There are similarities to Bekki’s first album, which will please the many admirers of Elysian Fields. In common with that release, the melodies here often have infectious melodies that encourage repeat playings.

    ‘Sirocco’ continues the laid back air with gushing themes which swirl around a steady sequenced rhythm and ‘Silhouettes’ presents very much the same feel but in a more strident fashion. ‘Night Flier’ changes the emphasis slightly with a funkier rhythmic feel and busier melody; another successful outing! ‘River of Nights Dreaming’ brings the sequencing more to the fore and picks out another well constructed melody.

    ‘The Talisman’ is a really superb mixture of up tempo sequencing and contemporary motifs while ‘Azmara’ sounds just like the main title theme of a 30’s romantic movie with more sweeping synth line and heart felt themes and piano adding to the poignant air. ‘Hymn for Her’ combines an epic dune swept vista with novel detail and the result is again impressive. The album closes with a cranked up remix of ‘Talisman’ with Dave Barker.

    If you want an example of quality music at the romantic, symphonic end of the scale, then you will not find better than this.

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