Pure Relaxation



Guided relaxation to calm the mind and soul. MP3 downloads.

Buy 3 or more Pure Relaxation Titles and Save 20%


Buy 3 or more Pure Relaxation Titles and Save 20%

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Pure Relaxation

Pure Guided visualization is a type of guided Imagery, where one person guides another through a special journey to resolve issues or problems. The guided journey is in the mind, brought to life by the listeners imagination and the experienced, soothing voice of the guide. No music is needed, no sounds effects, just the knowledge of the guide and their ability to guide the listener through the process of opening a cognitive communication between the conscious and subconscious mind to perceive and recall senses and events that are already familiar to the listener.

MP3 downloads each lasting around 13 – 20 minutes.

Guided Relaxation

kimberley mercer Relaxation Guide

Your Relaxation Guide – Kimberley Mercer

Kimberley Mercer  has been using guided visualization and Imagery on a personal level since a teenager. Kimberley is a NLP practitioner and reflexologist and truly believes in the holistic approach to well being.

Kimberley is a member of the Association of Natural Medicine and she believes that these guided imagery scripts will help you to bring your body and mind back into balance, enabling you to go forward in life with confidence, energy and motivation.

garden walk guided relaxationYour body will become calm and relaxed as you experience the calming result of guided imagery when you visit a Beautiful Garden.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face as your imagination basks in the beauty and splendor of this wonderful scene and creates a restful, safe place for you to visit.

Running Time 16.00 mins

mountain walk guided relaxation
An Energizing Mountain Walk

Here your body experiences a relaxing calm followed by an energizing and motivating mountain walk.Feel invigorated and refreshed as your imagination creates a wonderful journey atop mountain peaks with wondrous views of valleys below.

Running Time 12.43 mins

countryside walk guided relaxationA Walk Through the Countryside

Experience total calmness and experience a wonderful walk through the English Countryside with this relaxing guided imagery.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face as you bask in the beauty and splendor of the wonderful images created by your imagination in this restful place.

Running Time 16.33 mins

garden beach walk guided relaxationA Journey Through a Garden to a Beach

A longer relaxing journey incorporating guided imagery to calm and soothe as you journey through a beautiful garden and feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the gentle breeze in your hair. And then on to a sandy beach, the sea air, the sound of waves gently lapping.

Let your imagination take you and melt away into this beautiful guided visualization journey.

Running Time 17.03 mins