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Ocean Watch

Considered an early classic, this is a powerful release that advanced considerably the ‘David Wright’ sound. ‘Ocean Watch’ combines warm emotion and rhythmic motion in sublime ways with long spatial soundscapes, exploring the melodic realms of electronic space music to the fullest. His atmospheric and melodious themes reach new height, balancing tranquil and serene landscapes with his signature sound in unique ways that make it difficult to draw comparisons with other electronic music artists.

The epic 27 minute ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ opus finds David breaking new ground with an adventurous statement that passes through a variety of moods and never fails to create sustained images in the listeners mind. This is abstract picture music at its very best and includes the critically acclaimed epic “Beyond the Airwaves 2” track. NB: The shorter ‘Beyond the Airwaves 1’ track was originally released on the 1992 ‘Zenith’ magazine sampler and neither track are connected with David’s later ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ series of CDs.

The original CD album is no longer available . It was remastered in 2015 and the remastered version is available to download from the ‘Ocean Watch (Remastered)’ page. The Remastered CD will be available in 2016. The download version available here is the original 1993 recording.

Video is promotional only and not included on CD or in download.


  1. Graham Getty, SMD

    From 1992/93, the pattern of tracks is similar in construction to that of the previous album – several lengthy epics and a few shorter pieces – but, musically, the album reveals a maturity that is quite surprising, bearing in mind the time that has passed and the high standards set previously. The 8 tracks have much more life than the previous two – This music seems to leap out at you! The classical feel is supplemented, as opposed to replaced, by a vibrant, almost European sea of rhythms and melodies, while the feel and construction that makes DW music so unique and hypnotic is still present.

    In a way, even though the comparison is not being made on a “sound-alike” basis, this somehow has much more of a cosmic Vangelis feel running through it, with that sense of dynamics, strength and beauty working in perfect harmony, so that even the space music seems melodic, and nothing ever stands still. The final track ‘Beyond The Airwaves # 2’ is a bit of an epic! Lasting nearly twenty-eight minutes, it sustains every last one of them, starting with an ocean of string-synths before going on into more far-eastern realms and then a mix of haunting electronic generated effects. From there it enters a gorgeous flowing string synth passage that moves onto darker, slightly hostile cosmic territories, before opening out onto sunnier, but still spacey plains. From there it gathers all the synth clouds together to open up a clearer sky, and then layers between full-sounding strings and soothing, quiet space music passages. Finally a rippling piano motif leads us into a passage of the more heart-warming style of cosmic music, and the piece slowly flows slowly on to its conclusion. A very, very good album!

  2. Darren Bergstein i/e mag (Summer 1993) (verified owner)

    It would be inappropriate and highly inaccurate to dub Ocean Watch as ’Space Music’. Oh, all the proper elements of space music breathe lushly all over this entrancing disc, but in celebration of water and the liquid patterns he creates in conceptualising it, it might be more descriptive to coin David Wright’s latest work ‘aquatic music’. But no matter, there is bright a hue to these sonic environments, taking their cues from the Berlin School, but orchestrated as well by the likes of Ron Boots, Mark Shreeve, Ian Boddy Body and other alumni of the ’new wave’ of British synthesists that popped up in the latter half of the 1980’s.
    David Wright’s lush sobrieties operate within-out of a style that is at once dreamy and energetic, akin to the flowing rhythms so favoured by Nil Tyndall a la ‘Lagoon’. The capper to these lofty synthscapes is the 27 minute ’Beyond the Airwaves 2’, which pulsates on beds of floating yet piercing chords, delicate harmonics and odd, eastern percussive accents. Original and hugely enjoyable stuff!

  3. Dreamsword USA (verified owner)

    This is a powerful release, advancing considerably the sound of this UK synth wizard who combines warm emotion and rhythmic motion in sublime ways. His atmospheric and melodious themes reach a new height on “Ocean Watch,” balancing tranquil and serene landscapes with his signature sound in unique ways» that make it difficult to draw comparisons with other electronic music artists. Throughout, David Wright
    seeks to convey the simple rhythmic beauty of waves and tides, evoking the timeless majesty of the ocean, at its best on the lO—minute title track. Other tracks interject exotic excursions through eastern tones which move across windswept dunes, building on introductory portions rich with mystery. Electronic embellishments roam above and underscore piano-based arrangements. and state-of-the—art keyboards are employed. As on earlier efforts. a 27-minute track closes the album, the opus ‘Beyond the Airwaves.’ and finds the artist breaking new ground with an adventurous statement that passes through a variety of moods and never fails to create sustained images in the listener’s mind. This is abstract “picture music” at its very best. As with “Between Realities“ and “Marilynmba.” Wright strongly invites further exploration on “Ocean Watch.“ We suggest several return trips to his varied sonic worlds.

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