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A great fusion of atmospheric and melodic synths, sequences and lead guitar from the memorable Jodrell Bank concert of 2002. The gig has received a lot of very positive “word of mouth” comments. Matter comprises 14 interlinked tracks of predominantly ‘Berlin School’ style em given the UK touch – and the result is sensational!

“Another cracker from AD Music! Spacey in the “old school way”, but the guitar work adds an extra dimension.” Paul Baker – ARFM

This album is available to download or as a factory pressed, replicated CD. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

7 reviews for Matter

  1. Andy G – CDS

    Along with Peter Beasley, Vietgrove & Mark Jenkins, you always feel that this musician has never achieved the recognition he deserved when you look back at the remarkable consistency of his released music from the mid-eighties onwards, and this new album, performed with Redshift’s Rob Jenkins, is no exception.

    Essentially 14 tracks that run into each other to form a long and substantial “set”, this is the sound of UK Synth music at its best, as he takes the predominantly “Berlin School” style as his main template, but Over this, a sea of flowing synths and, used effectively rather than constantly, some searing, sky-high electric guitar work, provide the main melodic focus, while the resultant combination of all these factors gives us a set of “UK-meets-Berlin” that is both full of feeling yet highly charged at the same time. It’s not T Dream by numbers, it’s not even really “T Dream” in the copyist sense, but its mix of Berlin-based roots, melodic structure and flowing passion, gives it something that’s a whole lot more satisfying. His best to date!!!


    In this occasion, synthesist Ashok Prema counts with Rob Jenkins’s collaboration. The result is an imaginative combination of elements typical of Space Music and others of a symphonic character sometimes near to Synth-Pop. The compositions are not abstract, but they have majestic melodies instead, sometimes somewhat sentimental in nature. Some themes are slow, but others turn out to have a quite energetic rhythm. The rhythmic structure of the music tends to be based on the sequencers. A great amount of imagination pervades the entire album.

  3. Mike Valant – fan

    “Excellent cd, well done. Love it.”

  4. Ken Onstad (USA)

    “Tremendous!” – Ken Onstad (USA)

  5. Archie Patterson – Eurorock

    Hold onto your hats listening to this one. Recorded Live at the Jodrell Bank concert in 2002, this performance by Ashok and guitarist Rob Jenkins has to be one of the best UK examples of classic electronic/ guitar space music I’ve heard. Whether it’s the soaring waves of electronic space music, pulsing Berlin School sequences, or powerful melodies intertwined with celestial guitar solos, every track takes you to a higher level of sound. From cosmic percolating synths to flowing waves of electronic sound and laser-like guitar MATTER has it all and should not be missed.

  6. Steve Roberts – SMD

    Recorded on the 28th September 2002 with Ash Prema on keyboards and sequencing and Rob Jenkins on sequencing, programming and guitar, ‘Matter’ is a reminder of just how good those gigs were at Jodrell Bank. ‘Enigma’ opens the set with Rob Jenkins’ hypnotic, echoed guitar cross fading into ‘Electric Eyes’ which begins with bright synth lines and sequencing, then slows down before more layers of sequencing are steadily built with subtle guitar added to the mix.

    Already the clever use of dynamics is apparent and the two musicians create their music with attention to detail and light and shade. ‘Matter of Time’ starts with bright rhythms and phased effects which provide the backdrop to melodic lines and terrific sequencing and some scorching guitar. Like many of the tracks on offer here, there are enough ideas to extend the piece further. Two short pieces, ‘Galleria’ and ‘Unicorn’ follow. The former creates a powerful, orchestral, gothic atmosphere which serves as a dramatic prequel to the excellent ‘Unicorn’. Superb bass sequences lay down the backbone as tabla effects, guitar and finally a terrific, ethnic tinged motif combine together to make an exotic and intoxicating brew. Add More sequences and some Tangerine Dream style chords and ‘Unicorn’ is a bona fide classic and over in under 3 minutes! I must admit to listening to this several times on ‘repeat’ before progressing on to ‘Radioscope’.

    Changing the pace somewhat ‘Radioscope’ begins slowly but the omnipresent sequencers are deployed straight away and provide the backdrop to more reflective electronic textures and some outstanding guitar work which scorches across the channels. At just under 10 minutes this is the longest piece of the set and ends with phased choral effects and appreciative applause. ‘Nature of Abstraction’ features some good piano and synth interplay before cross fading into the more impressionistic opening to ‘Driftward’ which goes on to lay down some good rhythms, bass sequences, guitar and climaxes. ‘Illuminate (in memory)’ is a short, melodic and reflective piece followed by ‘Prismatix’ an inconsequential miniature.

    ‘Coarse Matter’ starts with some phased effects and symphonic textures before the sequencers make a welcome return but the melodics here are not as convincing as previous outings. ‘Rise’ is a short powerful track again with sequencing, percussion and cross fades into ‘Search’ which drifts pleasantly enough into ‘Matter and Fact’ which brings the guitar back into prominence with dramatic, sustained notes being the prime focus to a low key ending to the live performance. The signal is very clear and but for the applause at the end of the first half and the end of the set you wouldn’t guess this was a live performance as the sound is studio quality.

    Overall, I generally preferred the earlier tracks but this is an impressive set with no shortage of ideas and will appeal to those who like layers of sequencers. Essential to the faithful who enjoyed the gig but also of appeal to those who enjoy 80’s Tangerine Dream style electronic music. Further evidence that Ash Prema and Rob Jenkins are quietly building a reputation for carefully crafted, quality music and deserve more credit for their efforts. ….Now back to track 5……..

  7. Paul Baker – ARFM

    “Another cracker from AD Music! Spacey in the “old school way”, but the guitar work adds an extra dimension.” Paul Baker – ARFM

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