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Popular early David Wright album of drifting electronic music featuring long, impressionistic tracks, with smooth flowing sounds overlaid with pleasant melodic lines. There are hints of Tangerine Dream but with a very unique style that could possibly be described as a symbiosis of the best aspects of Klaus Schulze and Manuel Goettsching.


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7 reviews for Marilynmba

  1. Thomas Beuthe, (Dreamsword USA)

    It seems only yesterday we first reported the existence of David Wright and here he is already with his first CD to add to the 3 cassettes he has released already. Recently, I received a promo disco of David’s inaugural CD release. I was pleasantly surprised at the clear, clean buoyant and melodic sounds which issued forth from my speakers. In my opinion David’s style could possibly be described as a symbiosis of the best aspects of Klaus Schulze and Manual Goettsching. Smooth flowing sounds are overlaid with pleasant melodic lines. Finally! Someone who can squeeze an analog like sound out of a digital synthesiser. The six pieces, which range from four minutes to 25 minutes in length, or not what one would call percussive, but neither can they be labelled ambient or atmospheric. David has seen fit to strike a mature balance between different playing styles, and the result is certainly music to my ears.

  2. (JW) Voyager

    A new discovery of KD Mueller’s is David Wright. Marilynmba offers a very pleasant collection of EM songs in the new age vein. Awash with strings and understated melodies, the music gives an enjoyable listen. Although the tone does not rise above pastoral, there is enough timbrel and melodic variety here to keep interest piqued. There is a hint of Klaus Schulze influence in ‘Walkin’ the sand’, but it is only a hint, because David’s music is entirely original and creative in it so wright.

  3. Archie Patterson, Eurock

    David’s three cassette’s had some nice moments on them, but they hardly prepared me for this! Marilynmba is a striking marriage of strong melodic themes and the spacey cosmic atmosphere of Klaus Schulze in his middle period. There are several atmospheric medium length tracks full of warm emotion and rhythmic motion. These are topped off by two 20 minute cosmic marathons. The music of Marilynmba will linger in your mind long after the final chords have drifted off into space.

  4. Dreamsword

    This English electronic musician has a mature, stylistic approach that seemingly blends the influences of Tangerine Dream and the Klaus Schulze while retaining a central focus on melodious and romantically inclined themes. From symphonic progressions to passages which are spacey and ethereal to the emotional undercurrent which ties it all together through the use of strings and angelic voices, Wright consistently explores these cosmic atmospheres, most notably in the two 20 minute marathons, ’Syntasia’ and ‘Marilynmba’, both of which linger in your mind. His balancing act between the rhythmic percussive elements and ambient atmospheric styles is really quite marvellous, and to top it off, Wright evolves his own unique style through it all with adventurous exercises into abstract territory that conveys spontaneity and warmth.

  5. Brigitte – E-Music

    Dem Fantasy-Freund wird sie sicherlich gleich ins Auge fallen, diese CD von David Wright. Das hubsch gestaltete Booklet zeigt
    Schwerter, Sphinxe, Meereswogen und einen Patriarchen samt Katze un schoner Agypterin.

    Mit Aufmerksamkeit erheischenden Synth-Beckenschlagen kundigt sich der erste Titel ’ConfusedEncounters an. Aparte Sounds
    und eine wehmutige Melodie stimmen uns ein auf die Begegnung mit dieser Fantasy-Welt.

    ’Marilynmba Part 1’, der zweite Titel, ist geradezu ein Ohrschmeichler. Seine sanfte Melodie schwebt uber leighten Sounds und
    einem Tanz-Rhythmus.

    ’Syntasia’, der dritte und mit 25:56 Minuten der langste Titel dieses Albums, greift die Stimmung, den Rhythmus und die Melodie
    von ’Marilynmba Part 1’ mit breiten Klangflichen noch einmal auf. Die Klange veréindem sich allmahlicl. Die Percussion tritt zuriick. Neue Sounds laufen die Tastatur auf und ab. Die Musik veréindert sich und bringt doc}, nicht; Neues.

    Geféillig ist der Titel ’Walkin‘ the sand’, ebenso ’Colour3s of this Night’ ’Marilynmba Parts 2 – 6’, Gesamtlange 20:42 minuten, sind im wesentlichen eine Reprise der vorherigen Titel. Gleiche Stimmung, gleiche Sounds.

    Wer noch keine leichte und entspannende Musik in seinem CD-Schrank stehen hat, ist mit diesem Album nicht schlecht beraten.


  6. CDS

    After the public acclaim received by his first three cassette only releases, David has decided (to take this, his latest and most nature work to date, into the realms of the Compact Disc medium!
    The album features four tracks with approximate running times of 5 to 8 minutes, plus two cosmic marathons lasting over 20 minutes each. ’Malarilynmba’ encompasses further developments of David’s
    past work, which was simplistic, yet sophisticated, and just about the freshest and least affected electronic music around.

    This new melodious work harbours some new and exciting musical ideas – a concurrent glowing warmth flows through unusual blend of romantic strings and cosmic, spacey synthesizer themes – this is going to appeal to fans right accross the EM spectrum. ‘Marilynmba’ also carries an emotional undercurrent, that revealed during several of the more melancholic tracks – these feature zany of the hallmarks of classic romanticism in the synth music field, with their touching melodies, sweet strings and angelic voices.

    Another interesting facet of this album is the combination of the Tangerine Dream and Schulze like cosmic atmospheric with the more melodious, romantically inclined themes common to David’s earlier recordings – David is one of the first exponents of the genre to successfully amalgamate and nurture the two styles together. This montage of simple melodies, symphonic electronics and spacey ethereal passages, lingers in your mind long after the final chords have drifted off into space! ‘Marilynmba’ characterises what David Wright, the musician has been striving to achieve since the release of his first three cassette albums.

  7. Thomas Beuthe

    Marilynmba. De 6 stukken, die in lengte variéren van 4 tot 25 minuten, zijn niet echt percussief te noemen, maarhet is ook geen ambient of atmosferische muziek. David Iijkt erin geslaagd een rijpe balans te vinden tussen de diverse muziekstijlen. en het resultaat is zeker muziek naar mijn oren! (Thomas Beuthe)

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