For Whom The Bell



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For Whom The Bell

For Whom The Bell.. is a truly stunning debut CD from Code Indigo,merging the distinctive styles of Wright and Fox into something unique. The result of a two year collaboration between two of the UK’s premiere synth artists, it’s now considered a classic EM/rock album by music critics worldwide. With its “off the wall” Blade Runner style soundtrack, featuring Eastern percussion, voice samples, guitar, saxophone and haunting effects, the music combines grandiose passages with atmosphere and gently paced rhythmic sections. Other Eastern influences weave in and out of the music with various chants, including a Jewish prayer, which will inevitably bring comparisons to Enigma. However, the downbeat, almost gothic atmosphere is given another dimension by the superb guitar work of Nik Smith which has the effect of shifting the music closer to Pink Floyd territory in places. But despite these comparisons, For Whom The Bell…. retains a unique character which encapsulates all that is best about the music of Robert Fox and David Wright, specifically their emotive, melodic and atmospheric strengths.

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