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Farmers Fields and Animals


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Farmers Fields and Animals

Guided Relaxation Journey for Children

This is a positive, calming guided visualization journey for children that explores nature and children’s love of farms and farm animals and it has a real “feel good” factor. It’s also a reminder that something good awaits us all.

It’s designed to both relax and to stimulate the senses as children experience the planting and growing of crops in the field, they play with the animals in the farmyard and even watch the farmers wife baking in the kitchen. Children experience the wondrous images, smells, sights and sounds on a journey that reminds them that the wonder of nature is all around, bountiful in its beauty. A perfect way for children to allow their imagination to melt away into the delight and wonder of their own special farmland journey.

(Speech only – no music or sound effects)

Running Time 10.43 mins

kimberley mercer Guided Relaxation for Children

The stresses and demands of modern life aren’t just confined to adults. Children need to relax and escape as well – to find adventure in hidden, imaginary worlds. More and more parents are discovering the benefits of guided relaxation and Imagery for their children. Whether to help a child relax, to aid sleep or to help boost confidence for, say, exams, these journeys can help children access their own inner resources to create wonderful images, colours and feelings.

Stories about far away places, dragons, fairies, mermaids and magic are an essential part of being young. Guided relaxation and Imagery for children works by tapping in to the child’s own imagination and transporting them to magical worlds of mystery and wonder – innocent worlds that exist only in the mind of a child. At the same time, the child is able to learn about themselves, about their world and its surroundings by using and expanding their imagination while they travel on these guided visualization journeys.

Your guide is Kimberley Mercer, she been using guided visualization for many years. Now a NLP Practitioner and reflexologist she brings to you a wealth of experience via our MP3 downloads.

Childrens Relaxation Titles For Ages 4 – 13