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Elysian Fields (Remastered)


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Elysian Fields (Remastered)

‘Elysian Fields’ is an emotive and melodic album and a treasure trove of thematic EM/New Age music based on Greek mythology. Originally released in 1995 it is considered one of Bekki Williams’ finest works, and it’s also one of her most commercially successful. As the magazine ‘Super Nova’ wrote way back in 1995; Elysian Fields contains music that will calm you, elate you, make you happy and make you sad. Bekki’s melodic and emotive sensibilities will send you soaring among the clouds as the myths and legends of her ‘Elysian Fields’ wash over you. A ‘must have’ for any collection!”

‘Elysian Fields’ went out of CD print in 2013 and was subsequently remastered in 2015 by David Wright, giving listeners the opportunity to revisit an already stunning album now noticeably enhanced by the remastering process. With the addition of fresh new artwork and a brand new track ‘Aphrodite’s Lament’, written by Bekki Williams and David Barker especially for the remastered edition, ‘Elysian Fields’ can be enjoyed once again as a whole new sonic experience.

“As magical as the title implies”. Archie Patterson.

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11 reviews for Elysian Fields (Remastered)

  1. CDS, UK

    “This is Bekki’s first release and it is full of brilliantly composed and executed, full-sounding synth music tracks with strong melodies that comes very much from the classic UK mould. Right from the opening track the music is strong, melodic and excellently constructed. She performs like a true professional with a playing style not far removed from the best of the UK synth music composers.

    Throughout the entire near hour long set you hear masses of soaring synth melodies and layers with sequencers and percussive rhythm passages that really drive, resulting in an expansive set of 10 panoramic soundscapes full of dynamics and richly textured themes that sound great wherever they are played, and worthy of everything from Tangerine Dream, John Dyson, Andy Pickford, Mark Shreeve, Vangelis and beyond.

    The sound is dynamic yet deceptively light, powerful but never bombastic and the strength and heart of the music lies in her exquisite compositional skills and emotional execution of the music. A real gem!”

  2. Jason M (Fan)

    “Sublime soundscapes. A terrific achievement. It’s rare that New-Agey music can actually make you feel emotions, but this one succeeds in splendid fashion and had me close to tears in several places whilst making me want to laugh out loud and hug someone in others. I love it!”

  3. Claire T

    “Excellent. This CD is great, the lady is very talented indeed. Recommended to anyone who enjoys instrumental music with a classical touch”.

  4. Radio Jowisz, Poland

    “So melodic, so soft, so colourful. It’s very ‘female’ music. It feels like a woman’s hand is touching your body. Great!”

  5. SMD, UK

    After fighting off the dog, who has a penchant for shredding jiffy bags as they drop through the letterbox, this eagerly awaited debut CD was straight onto the player. The opening two tracks were the reason for my eagerness, being both featured on the ‘1995AD’ CD. ‘Megaera’ is very upbeat and melodic and has shades of a more modern style Tangerine Dream. ‘Elysian Fields Part 1’ is a classically based rich and powerful piece of music.

    Onto the previously unheard material, and immediately we are presented with style that a certain other EM artist from Derby specialises in – Andy Pickford. ‘Charon’ could easily be taken from ‘Terraformer’ with its Pickford-style sequencing overlaid with heavenly voices. ‘Moon of Artemis’ features more AP references with heavy drum patterns and sequencing and again a slightly classical mood. ‘Hera’ slows things down with a piano solo which develops into a steady synth track, returning to the piano to close. ‘Secrets of the Labyrinth’ is a track which needs playing many times to pick out everything. Starting with spacey synth washes, the sequences then come in backed by guitar effects. Sequences then dominate before more synth takes over.

    ‘Icarus’ has another Pickford-style intro before developing into a really attractive foot-tapper. ‘In the Arms of Morpheus’ slows things down again, a powerful rhythmic outing with flutey synth and sax sections. ‘A Glance from Medusa’ needs the volume turned up to fully appreciate it. A real “stormer” of a track with Pickford style sequencing bursting from the speakers. ‘Elysian Fields Part 2’ closes the album, and actually reminds me more of Robert Fox from the ‘Asfafa’ / ‘Fire and the Rose’ days. It features rich orchestral sounds with strong classical leanings, concluding with a return to the theme of ‘Part 1’ on piano.

    This CD is a superb debut. Many of you will wonder at times “could this be one Andy Pickford in disguise?” It is certainly as good as his work, and leaves you eagerly waiting for her live appearances and future albums. It’s great to hear true EM from a female in what has previously been a male dominated area. If this is anything to go by, let’s have more!

  6. SuperNova

    Editors choice – Super Nova (UK) 1996

    Bekki Williams is a keyboard genius. Elysian Fields will calm you, elate you, make you happy and sad. These powerful sounds will send you soaring among the clouds then through myth, legend and the cosmos.

    You will discover places in your inner being that you have never visited before. This is one of the best synth albums that I have heard in a long time. Fifty eight minutes of pure audio enjoyment ensuring that one listen will never be enough.

    Elysian Fields is a “must have” album for any collection.

  7. Archie Patterson (Eurock)

    Eurock Review

    “This new AD Music release is like a breath of fresh air, not just another UK clone work. She brings a definite feminine sensibility into her music, making it more emotive and ornate… the music is as magical as the title implies”.

  8. Dave N (fan)

    “Bekki’s first album is an elegant and emotive selection of instrumental melodies, that begs a new music classification. One should hesitate to lumber Elysian Fields with a label of either New Age or Electronica, because unlike most other New Age albums, this one is not filled with airy-fairy notes of meaningless purpose, and it’s not really Electronica either – no Kraftwerky-jerky random robotic drumbeats or thin reedy synthetic notes.

    Bekki does make liberal use of synthesizers and samplers, but the songs are skilfully layered and structured as you would expect a Beethoven, Mahler or Brahms symphony, not a drug-induced coma, as per some Electronica it has been my misfortune to listen to. What strikes me as especially odd, is that Bekki is signed to an Ambient label – AD Music – led by the very ambient David Wright. The selections I have acquired from the other artists signed to this label are good, to be sure, but none have the flair, the love of melody and the structural purpose that Bekki’s compositions do. Bekki is just not really Ambient – the love of a good tune makes mock of that classification too.

    So what classification should Elysian Fields be given? Well, perhaps New Symphonic? Whatever the classification, expect from Elysian Fields a gradual build up of many cumulative melodies that seem to grow upon your ears like the successive courses of a very expensive French restaurant – until you are replete, not over-stuffed, and completely satisfied with your experience. This is a must-buy album, well deserving of five stars. It deserves six”.

  9. Liza J – Fan

    “This really is the best music I have ever heard. It has got everything – luscious melodies which almost border on classical, sometimes even fused with up to date dance beats. If you can imagine a cross between Andy Pickford, Vangelis and Mozart you just about have it. All I can say is buy it or regret it. Bekki Williams is certainly a name to watch out for”

  10. Steve Roberts, (Sequences) (verified owner)

    “This is warm, melodic EM at its most accomplished”.
    – Steve Roberts, Sequences Magazine, UK.

  11. Graham Getty (SMD Mag) (verified owner)

    “If you want an example of quality music at the romantic, symphonic end of the scale then you will not find better than this”.

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