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The DIODE Electronic Music Festival


David Wright & Ron Boots welcome you to the DIODE Electronic Music Festival with their special guest Thorsten Quaeschning, Rob Papen and Pet Challoner. Virtual Tickets are £35:00 _ PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE VIRTUAL TICKETS ONLY – THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS TO THE VENUE. If you’re going to the event in Nottingham, you MUST purchase tickets  for the event from the Bonington Theatre.

Welcome to the VIRTUAL TICKET ticket page for The Diode Electronic Music Festival

The Diode Electronic Music Festival – Saturday 18th May 2024

Thorsten Quaeschning (of Tangerine Dream)
Ron Boots & Rob Papen
Callisto (David Wright & Stephan Whitlan)
Pete Challoner
Doors open 12:30
Performances start at 13:00
Tickets £35:00
Attending in Person?
Can’t attend in person but would like a Virtual Ticket?
Then purchase VT from either AD Music or Groove
Please note, this is important, tickets purchased from AD Music or Groove are VT ONLY – they will NOT give you access to the event on the day.
Those attending in person can obtain a VT by registering their ticket details with AD Music on the day of the event. More info on the day.

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