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David Wright – Fade

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The factory pressed, replicated CD with 8 page booklet. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

Available to download in 16bit mp3, flac and apple lossless. Also available in 24 bit flac and apple lossless formats.

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David Wright – Fade

“It is a wondrous thing to be able to remove oneself from reality and create music. To journey to a universe of your own creation where not even you, as it’s author, can recall what transpired. Or to know how you achieved what you accomplished or have even the slightest recollection of the journey. Your only memory is, the music”. © David Wright 2024

‘Fade’ is a musical odyssey blending all the elements we have come to know and love in David Wright’s music. The result is an album that drifts between the waves of gentle ambience and the dynamism of pulsating sequences. Gentle passages caress the listener, then strong rhythmic passages tease with a wonderful and evolving combination of styles peppered by a gorgeous array of synths, gentle pads and effects. But more than anything, ‘Fade’ is an album of emotional reflection channeling David’s many influences.

The short and rhythmic ‘Android Caravan’ opens the album before the 3 suites; ‘Shadows’, ‘Sleeper at the Gates of Dawn’ and ‘Transmission Red’ take us on a cosmic journey through classic electronic music styles. There are echoes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze here, yes, even a nod to Pink Floyd. But this is very much a ‘David Wright’ album, with his delicate and evocative sensibilities and style very much to the fore.

Nothing is rushed; gentle and evolving intros laced with mysterious beauty highlight the three longer tracks, which are broken down into shorter segments to give 14 tracks in total. Haunting passages are intertwined with hypnotic and evolving sequences that move between gentle rhythmic motion and powerful sequences and rhythms.

‘Fade’ incorporates all the best elements of David Wright’s thematic new age and electronic space music. An album that will appeal to fans old and new.


Factory pressed, replicated CD with 8 page booklet. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

Available to download in 16bit mp3, flac and apple lossless. Also available in 24 bit flac and apple lossless formats.

1 review for David Wright – Fade

  1. Andy G – INKEYS (verified owner)

    A musician whose 30 album career can rightfully be regarded as one that has always put quality before category, with many of his albums stretching right across the musical spectrum of melodic, rhythmic instrumental electronic music, the plus point being a universal appeal, the arguable negative that it cannot be pigeon-holed or categorised, all of which mounts up to lengthy albums of seriously enjoyable music into which you can really dive and luxuriate.
    This 30th album is no exception…..
    With 14 tracks, averaging 5 minutes a piece, it opens with the hooky commerciality of “Android Caravan”, whereupon all manner of bouncing rhythms underpin a constantly shifting sea of melodies, all with an electronic depth that lends a complete air of grandeur to its insistent musical charms, a sort of symphonic Jean-Michel Jarre only better. This then leads into “Shadows Of The Past Pt 1” that opens with a gloriously flowing almost orchestral synth river, before opening up into this vast ocean of melody, led by a fantastic piano lead, as the gentle rhythms lap upon the shore, there’s a spacey and spacious feel, again more instrumental depth and a warmth to it that fills you with joy. Seamlessly this sequences into “Elemmire” as a lone rhythm backed by a distant cosmic river, undulates then out of the blue, in comes a multi-layered set of slowly flowing melody lines, an electro-percussive rhythm equally slowly moving underneath. There’s a great feeling of space in the sense that the musical ether is completely uncluttered while at the same time, there is much to enjoy in the musical mix, the melody lines winning the day, all leading to a grand finale that a musician such as John Dyson would have been proud to own.
    “Shadows Of The Past Pt 2” opens with more of the mellotron like sound only pushed back in the mix as the undulating electro-percussive beat wanders in, and once again, the wondrous piano work, leads the track into the open, melody and rhythm in slowly moving perfect harmony, as uplifting as it gets. “Sleeper At The Gates Of Dawn” is a beautifully rhythm-free slice of orchestral sounding space music, worthy of anything put out by the legendary Steve Roach, that segues into “Crossing The Threshold” which is more a slice of Classical Music mixed with that slow, familiar electro-percussive rhythmic undercurrent, and here there are violin-like leads over warm electronic textures, as assorted layers of synth melodies ebb and flow on top, again, that sense of grandeur and almost soundtrack-esque vastness, hanging over every note, beat and chord. “Transitions” and “Safe Harbour” continue down this musical trail, while the cosmic darkness that has a light at the end of its sparse synth-driven gloom, is a slice of space music that really takes you down the musical tunnel, right into “Transmission Red” whereupon a high-register synth pierces the cosmic backdrop, with a slowly forming shapeshifting sea of synths and strings that stretches out very slowly and is akin to works from the likes of the late Constance Demby and Kevin Braheny, a track of richness, of the highest quality yet filled with spaces and space, justifiably one of the finest tracks on the album.
    “Planet Nine” is the “obvious single” in that it’s rhythmic, got one heck of a memorable musical hook line, powerful, and in a world where electronic music would be considered as commercial, is as good as anything in that vein put out in the last 50 years. After the grandeur of the majority of the album, it’s left to the aforementioned “Planet Nine”, then the short “Rogue” to put the bounce back into the game as chilled-out beats vie with desert-spanning stretches of almost guitar-like expanse combined with snatches of melodies right across the range, as it all gallops off into the sunset. But it’s not a duo, it’s a trilogy of rhythmic delights, as the strident sound of the sequencer leads you into this huge sounding arena of synths coming at you from every direction, melodies ebbing and flowing like the sea on a windy day, and powering up to end the glorious gorgeousness of the main body of the album.
    But the near 2 minute track, “Fade” that ends the album, is a soothing slice of heavenly magic, perfect as a summation of the wonders that you’ve witnessed.
    As a vast sounding example of late 20th century pan-European electronic mixed with ye olde Americanised New Age Romanticism, all given a complete twenty first century synth music makeover, this album is at the top of its tree.

    Inkeys, Andy G.

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