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Robert de Fresnes debut album “Atlantis..?” is a timeless journey of cross genre expertise. Robert blends new age sensitivity with ambient minimalism and space music soundscapes to create a mystical adventure to the lost continent. Cleverly utilising the voice of Catherine Foster as an additional texture, this album has found great favour in new age circles and has also become a best selling electronic music classic, highlighting its universal appeal.

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4 reviews for Atlantis…?

  1. John Edward Sexton

    This is a tremendously appealing CD that seems to parallel Mike Oldfield’s “The Songs of Distant Earth” but with the sea as the background rather than Space. Anyone who loves Space-Ambient music will enjoy it. Mr.de Fresnes has produced a wonderful masterpiece worthy of anyone’s collection.

  2. Amazon customer review

    This is the best CD I have ever heard. The female operatic vocals scattered throughout the album make me go weak they are so beautiful as is the music in general. Go and buy this CD you will not regret it!

  3. Jonn F

    If you like Bekki Williams music you will probably like this album. It doesn’t have the same ‘feel’ that Bekki’s work has but it’s a different artist and Robert de Fresnes does have a lovely feel to his music too, different to Bekki but in the same style. A really nice album and certainly worth listening to in its entirety. 8/10

  4. Sequence

    Mythology is a very classy offering, a symphonic crossover album that falls into a category somewhere between Enigma, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield.

    There are lush orchestrations and memorable themes, and melodies laced with great guitar and keyboard work all held together by wonderfully atmospheric vocals and vocal textures.

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