2020 CD sale – £2 on selected CDs!


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2020 CD Sale – some as low as £2 including ‘with MP3 download! (While stocks last!)

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Check out our sale CDs – prices as low as £2 (plus postage)

CD01 Bekki Williams – Shadow of the Wind (AD108CD)

CD02 Bekki Williams – Edge of Human (AD44CD)

CD03 Callisto – Nyx (AD41CD)

CD04 Callisto – Signal to the Stars (AD42CD)

CD05 Claudio Merlini – Forever Changes (AD119CD)

CD05 Claudio Merlini – Enchantment (AD99CD)

CD07 Code Indigo – For Whom the Bell (AD16CD)

CD08 Code Indigo – Uforia (AD23CD)

CD09 David Wright – Sines of Life 1 (AD69CD)

CD10 David Wright – Ocean Watch (AD145CD)

CD11 David Wright – Walking With Ghosts (AD40CD)

CD12 David Wright – Live at the London Planetarium (AD101CD)

CD13 David Wright – The Tenth Planet (AD53CD)

CD14 David Wright – Reflections (AD171CD)

CD15 David Wright – Romancing the Moon (AD172CD)

CD16 David Wright – Waiting for the Soundtrack (AD173CD)

CD17 David Wright – In Search of Silence (AD94CD)

CD18 David Wright – ThreeSixZero (AD20CD)

CD19 David Wright – Dissimilar Views (Remastered) (AD174CD)

CD20 David Wright – The Spirit of Light (AD97CD)

CD21 David Wright/Trinity – Music for Angels (AD96CD)

DVD22 David Wright & Carys – Schwingungen Garden Party DVD

CD23 Dead Beat Project – R-Evolution (AD86CD)

CD24 Dead Beat Project – Samsara (AD118CD)

CD25 Divine Matrix – Hydrosphere (AD128CD)

CD26 Divine Matrix – Invisible Landscapes (AD87CD)

CD27 DreamerProject – The Road to Your Heart (AD112CD)

CD28 Geigertek – Soundtrack for City Living (AD92CD)

CD29 Iotronica – Of Moons and Stars (AD133CD)

CD30 Richard Bone – Serene Life of Microbes (AD55CD)

CD31 Richard Bone – Images from a Parallel World (AD114CD)

CD32 Robert de Fresnes – Atlantis? (AD22CD)

CD33 Robert Fox – Adonai (AD58CD)

CD34 Robert Fox – Talking Heads (AD32CD)

CD35 Robert Fox – Touching the Serpents Tail (AD56CD)

CD36 Robert Fox – Evergreen (AD65CD)

CD37 Robert Fox – Asfafa 2 (AD113CD)

CD38 Robert Fox – Timeless (AD46CD)

CD39 Robert Fox – Still Waters (AD120CD)

CD40 Robert Fox – Fire & the Rose (AD126CD)

CD41 Robert Fox – Short Stories (AD93CD)

CD42 Steve Barnes – New Day (AD68CD)

CD43 Steve Orchard – Undersail (AD104CD)

CD44 Steve Orchard – Riverboat (AD98CD)

CD45 Sylvain Carel – Caravansary (AD106CD)

CD46 Sylvain Carel – Time and Tide (AD130CD)

CD49 Uriel – Culture Shift (AD59CD)

CD50 Catalin – First Breath (AD29CD)

CD51 Witchcraft – As I Hide (AD24CD)

CD52 Various Artists – Ocean of Light – Best of AD Music Volume 1 (AD47CD)

CD53 Various Artists – Sacred Skies – Best of AD Music Volume 2 (AD48CD)

CD54 Various Artists – Beyond Paradise – Best of AD Music Volume 3 (AD76CD)

CD55 Various Artists – Night Music – Best of AD Music Volume 5 (AD77CD)

CD56 Various Artists – A Little More Night Music  – Best of AD Music Volume 6 (AD88CD)

CD57 Various Artists – Walking With Angels – Best of AD Music Volume 4 (AD82CD)

CD58 Various Artists – After Midnight – Anniversary CD, exclusive music – (AD100CD)

CD59 Various Artists – E-Scape 2015 – exclusive music (AD144CD)

CD60 Various Artists – E-Scape 2016 – exclusive music (AD170)

CD61 Various Artists – E-Scape 2017 – exclusive music (AD191CD)

CD62 Various Artists – E-Scape 2018 – exclusive music (AD198CD)

CD63 Various Artists – E-Scape 2019 – exclusive music (AD202CD)


These albums are all factory pressed, replicated CDs. 


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