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Problem when attempting to pre-order multiple titles from the AD Music Shop

David Wright | May 10, 2015

AD Musc NewsWe are aware of a problem when customers attempt to pre-order multiple titles from the AD Music shop. This is ONLY applicable to items for pre-order, all other available catalogue items can be purchased as multiples.

At this moment, if you wanted to pre-order the forthcoming David Wright CD and the Glenn Main CD and the E-Scape compilation CD (or downloads), then you would need to create individual orders for each title. This is due to the complexity of the pre-order system and the software installed for pre-orders.

Clearly this is not ideal, because it throws up postage issues if ordering CD. But should any customers wish to pre-order multiple CD titles as individual orders, then AD Music will refund the postage difference. Obviously there isn’t a postage issue if ordering downloads.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about this problem other than to ensure that in the future, not more than one title is available for pre-order at a time. And of course, if the software is updated to facilitate multiple pre-orders, then that’ll solve the problem.

If customers do have any further problems or queries regarding pre-orders, or anything else for that matter regarding the AD Music shop, then please contact us through the www.admusicshop.com website

Written by David Wright