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Krautrock bands

Krautrock bands started in the late 1960s when German musicians sought to invent a new style of rock and roll. That music evolved to encompass psychedelic rock, electronic, funk, avant-garde, improvised jazz, experimental and progressive rock. This genre has continued to be a very popular in the USA and Europe spawning diverse sub genres and musical styles.


Bands like ‘Can’ created an avant-garde style acid-funk in the 1970s while others, like ‘Cluster’, were early pioneers of synth-pop. Perhaps the most famous and influential were ‘Kraftwerk’. The genre is populated with many music artists who work with experimental sound design, tape loops, synths and guitars to create lengthy sound collages.


AD Music has been releasing electronic, new age music focusing on experimental ambient music since 1989. We have always encouraged our artists to follow their own path and AD Music is known for its originality and creativity in the electronic music genre.