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Glenn Main – Into the Blue

David Wright | April 30, 2015


Glenn Main - Into the Blue 1500 copyGlenn Main

Into the Blue

Official Press Release;

30th April 2015

CD and download available to pre-order at www.admusicshop.com (you will not be charged until the release date).

Catalogue number AD143CD

UPC Number 780017014329 LC13643
Category: Electronic, New Age, Instrumental

Release Date: 1st June 2015 – CD, MP3 and Flac.

1. Deep Within (5:16) 2. Dusty Rider (3:24) 3. Crying (4:24) 4. Fun Fare (3:32) 5. In the Mood for Flow (3:57)
6. Promethium (4:25) 7. Mother Boah (4:58)  8. Deep Ocean Blue (3:24)  9. Synthetic Opera (3:34)  10. Pulsing Resonance (4:30) 11. Animalistica (3:58) 12. Goodbye Friend (4.32)
(Total album time 50:00)

Music composed, performed and produced by Glenn Main.

‘Into the Blue’ is the second Glenn Main album released by AD Music and is closer to the sound that many people have come to expect from the Norwegian synth maestro.

Glenn’s primary influence is unashamedly Jean Michel Jarre and on ‘Into the Blue’, Glenn does much more than try to emulate JMJ, he builds upon that unmistakable style with flair and panache and the end result is ‘The sound of Glenn Main’, synth exponent extraordinaire. 12 melodic and dare we say, “catchy” electronic sequencer tracks will ensure have you the album on perpetual repeat.

Make no mistake, ‘Into the Blue’ is far and away the best Glenn Main album to date! It shows a level of creativity, musical ability and maturity that goes way beyond his previous albums – Glenn has his own unmistakable style, which if anything shows us where perhaps his illustrious influence could have taken his electronic soundscapes.

Those who have had the pleasure of seeing Glenn Main in concert will know that he is a sublime talent, and on ‘Into the Blue’ he shows us that musically and creatively he is now a serious force to be reckoned with!

For further information and sound bites, please visit: www.admusicshop.com
Available through mail order outlets and online through AD Music, iTunes and other online stores from 1st June 2015

For press enquiries please contact Elaine at AD Music:

Tel: +44(0) 1986 894712 email: admin@admusiconline.com

For Distribution enquiries please contact: New World Music Telephone: +44 (0)1986 891600 www.newworldmusic.com/uk/

Written by David Wright