CD (Professionally Manufactured:Replicated and Duplicated CD)

  • Q. Are your CDs professionally manufactured CDs?
  • A. Yes. Our CDs are professionally manufactured. The majority are ‘replicated’ ie; glass mastered and manufactured by a CD manufacturing company in batches of 500 to current Red Book specs. The masters are prepared by AD Music to Red Books Specs. Some titles are professionally ‘duplicated‘ and further information about duplicated CDs can be found further on.
  • Q. The CD will not play properly in my CD player/computer. What should I do?
  • A. Faults with professionally manufactured CDs are rare, but they do happen. If you’re unlucky enough to get one, then please contact us using the form below. We will replace it immediately and you can send the faulty CD back to us. We will of course cover the postage of the returned CD.

CD (Professionally Manufactured: ‘Duplicated’, also known as CD-r)

  • Q. What is a duplicated CD?
  • A. A Duplicated CD is copied by burning similar to how you would at home. They are also referred to as CD-r and can be manufactured in smaller quantities. We professionally manufacture our duplicated CDs using high grade materials that have a high gloss printable surface, on a sophisticated multi-burning machine.
  • Q. Is the audio quality of a duplicated CD inferior to that of a replicated CD?
  • A. No!  The duplicated CD is mastered using exactly the same techniques as if it were a replicated CD. People often think the quality of a duplicated CD is inferior to a replicated CD, but this is not the case. The quality of the audio or data on both duplicated and replicated CD’s is identical.
  • Q. How do I know if a release is a Duplicated CD?
  • A. The SKU for our duplicated CD releases are always prefixed ‘r’. ie SKU147r and we often supply them on a slim line tray, but not always. The SKU number is shown below the Media types for all product on our website.
  • Q. Why are some albums released as a duplicated CD?
  • A. There are various reasons. It may be that the original CD release is out of print and there is insufficient demand to justify the expense of a replicated CD repress of 500 units. Or it could be that the release is intended only for download release, but we’ve made a physical version available for customers who don’t download. There isn’t the same demand for physical product as there used to be because downloads and streaming has become more popular.
  • Q. Does a duplicated CD (CDr) last as long as a replicated CD?
  • A. The short answer is Yes, if cared for properly. But, if you leave CDrs in sunlight for long periods, for example, they can become unplayable. However, AD Music provides a ‘no quibble’ lifelong replacement guarantee for CDrs. So, if your duplicate CD (CDr) suddenly becomes unplayable, send it back to us and we will replace it.


  • Q. What format/rate are the MP3, Flac and Apple Lossless downloads?
  • A. MP3 files are 16bit 320kpbs. Flac and Apple Lossless are 16bit 44.1kHz or 24bit 44.1kHz. All are delivered as a ZIP file.
  • Q. Can I download directly to my phone/tablet?
  • A. On Google Android OS devices you should be able to download the ZIP file of the tracks and save them to the music player. Apple  iOS up to and including iOS 8 won’t download zip files in Safari. The easiest way around this is to download the zip files onto a computer and then open the zip and transfer the tracks into iTunes (just drag the folder onto the iTunes icon in the dock). Then sync the iOS device to iTunes in the normal way. Alternatively, there are apps in the Apple App store that will open zip files directly on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad). NB: Ensure that you do have an appropriate program on your device to unzip the files.
  • Q. Do you provide 24 bit 48kHz MP3, Flac or Apple Lossless?
  • A. No, not at the moment. The download files must be created from 24 bit 48kHz audio masters otherwise they will not be true 24 bit 48kHz  MP3 or Flac files. Some artists do record at this higher rate, but not all and there are storage and download issue (much larger files) to be overcome for what at the moment, is a very rare request. We do however provide 24 bit 44.1kHz Apple Lossless and 24 bit 44.1kHz  Flac.
  • Q. Why is there a click in the audio between crossfaded tracks?
  • A. It was a known issue for a ‘click’ to be heard occasionally when files were played in some Windows Media Players. This is much rarer now though. This is almost certainly not the audio file/download. The masters are checked numerous times before being made available and such a fault in the master would be reported across the digital landscape, ie Itunes, MSN, Amazon etc etc.
  • Q. What can I do if there is a click between tracks in the audio files?
  • A. Our best advise, which generally seems to work, is to ensure that you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed, or indeed whatever player you’re using. Also, check online for the query you’re experiencing and you’ll almost certainly find forums and sites with easy fixes. Such queries are now very rare though.
  • Q. Why is there a pause between tracks when there shouldn’t be?
  • A. Check the settings/preferences on the player you’re using and you’ll find there is a setting. In Itunes for example, it would be under Itunes>preferences>playback and would be the crossfade setting.
  • Q. I’ve lost my original download files, will you replace them?
  • A. Yes, providing you’ve purchased from the AD Music shop, in which case we will have a record of your order, then we will happily replace the files, free of charge.
  • Q. The link has expired on my download, what should I do?
  • A. Email us using the contact form and we will reset the link for you.


My Order hasn’t arrived.

  • Q. What should I do if my order hasn’t arrived?
  • A. Email us using the contact form below, quoting the order number.
  • Q. I emailed you but haven’t had a reply?
  • A. We would never not reply to a customer email. In fact we usually reply within 48 hours. So, if you haven’t had a reply from us then your email has almost certainly gone into our server spam and we’ve missed it on our weekly check. The most important point to ensure contact is that you email us using the ‘contact form’ on these pages.


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