Changes to VAT rates for downloads

VAT on electronic files/services, eg MP3  & Flac downloads, in the EU.

From 1st January 2015 the EEC Directive 2008/8/EC provides that “electronic services supplied by a supplier established within the EU to non-taxable persons established within the EU will be charged VAT in the Member State where the customer belongs”.

Put simply, what this means is that if you are in the EU (*except UK) and purchase a download (MP3 or Flac), then VAT will be added to the download price at the VAT rate applicable to your country. If you happen to be VAT registered in your country, then you can enter your VAT reg number so you won’t pay the VAT.

*If you’re in the UK, then you won’t pay VAT because AD Music is UK based and currently falls below the VAT threshold.

If you’re in a non EU country, eg USA, Canada, Australia etc, then you won’t pay VAT.

All of this is calculated automatically on our website. As soon as you visit our page, your browser will instantly detect which country you are in and our web page will show you the correct price, either with VAT applicable to your country, or without VAT.

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