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Electronic Rock Music

Electronic rock music is a combination of electronic music and rock music. It is also known as electro-rock, synth rock and avant-garde and features instruments associated with both genres. It has further sub-genres like dance-punk, new rave, electro-clash, post rock and post-punk revival.


Rock music had been incorporating Moog and Mellotron synthesisers since the 1960s with popular bands like Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues. So it was natural that the evolving electronic music scene would eventually incorporate instruments like drum, guitars and voice. This would allow for music that combined strong rock styled rhythmic elements with dreamy ambient textures and sequences, as performed by the likes of ‘Future Sound of London’.


AD Music is home to several exponents of the genre, including Code Indigo. They are one of the UK’s most influential exponents of the genre, merging their electronic rock sound with ambient and spoken samples to present a unique version of the genre.