E-Scape Festival 2019

E-Scape Festival

E-Scape is the annual all day festival of live electronic and ambient music held at ‘The Cut Arts Centre‘ in Halesworth, Suffolk. It is usually held at the end of May, beginning of June, the week after the bank holiday weekend. The event is hosted by UK record label AD Music to promote traditional electronic music from around the globe. It usually features AD Music artists but is not exclusive to the label and always includes non AD Music artists.

It started as “the Bungay Bash” in 2009 and moved to Halesworth in 2015 as the newly named E-Scape. A unique selling point for the event, is that the ticket includes an audio ‘download’ of the event in high rate MP3 or Flac, or on USB stick, available 2 weeks after the event. This means that fans of the electronic music scene from around the world who are otherwise unable to attend can still hear the concert, albeit afterwards, and are also actively supporting their favourite acts and the electronic music scene by so doing.

Ticket prices are £35.00 which includes the audio MP3 or Flac download (VT) or £45.00 for ticket with the VT audio on USB. Full details of this years event, including ticket availability, the venue, how to get there, accommodation etc can be found here.

Here is the timetable for this years E-Scape held on Saturday 1st June 2019.

12:30 Auditorium Doors open

13:00 – 13:45 Axxent Opaque
14:00 – 14:45 Infinity Curve
15:00 – 15:30 E3
15:45 -17:15 Wavestar II

Evening break 17:15 to 19:45
17:30 – 19:30 Nik Owen Jones – playing in Foyer during the evening break

19:45 – 20:45  Glenn Main
21:00 – 22: 15 David Wright & Carys

Please note: this timetable is how we all hope the day will go, but the day is on a very tight schedule and is subject to change if unforeseen technical problems arise.