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E-Scape electronic music festival

David Wright | January 1, 2022
It is with regret that AD Music officially announces it will no longer be involved in E-Scape festivals. This means that the 2019 E-Scape festival was the last. 
We feel that the on-going pandemic and financial outlay for the event make it too much of a risk. 
Of course, while we plan to live forever (or die trying), another major consideration is that we’re not getting any younger.
There will almost certainly be future solo concerts and we are definitely going to do some live streamed events. We will keep you posted on those.
In the meantime, there are six great E-Scape compilation CDs that are well worth your attention. The CDs (and downloads of course) are choc full of exclusive and varied electronic music from great names on the European electronic music scene; Ron Boots, Ian Body, ARC, VoTt, Wavestar 2, FD Project, Bernd Kistenmacher, BKS, Andy Pickford, Glenn Main, Code Indigo, David Wright, Robert Fox and many, many more!
Check them out E-Scape compilations and use the offer code:  ESCAPE  to get a 25% discount.

Written by David Wright