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E-Scape 2023 Cancelled

David Wright | April 19, 2023
As was briefly announced yesterday, AD Music has regretfully taken the decision to cancel E-Scape 2023. As things stand, we are not contemplating any future E-Scape all day festivals.
Before I go any further, AD Music will be issuing full ticket refunds during the next two weeks.
An indication of the apparant lack of interest? We have had more ‘sad emojis’ and ‘comments’ to the news than we have had ticket sales!
And therein lies the reason for the cancellation. In recent years we would’ve had five times as many ticket sales at this stage. It was always a struggle to break even but it was never a disaster if we incurred a small loss, as long as we had a good crowd and a great weekend.
With the increased costs for venue hire, artist accommodation, food etc etc, it was simply too great a financial risk with such poor ticket sales at this stage and we felt it better to cancel now than nearer the date.
I think where we are in the UK is also perceived as being a bit ‘out of the way, as it were…a little easier to arrange events in the midlands for example. Thankfully we still have The Awakenings (www.awakenings-em.co.uk) concerts to showcase em in the UK!
Clearly the current economic climate is having an effect on what people are prepared to spend out on for their entertainment, we get that. Coming to an event like E-Scape is a weekend commitment for fans travelling any distance. So with the cost of accommodation, travel costs, fuel, all is having an adverse effect.
Talking to European fans, clearly Brexit (what a stupid and idiotic decision made by the British Govt😡) is having an effect on so much of our lives now. And we are still recovering from the pandemic in many ways. For some people, “Staying home is the new going out”, as a recent BBC survey stated.
Talking to other promotors of events, not necessarily in the em scene, we’re not alone in seeing our audience decimated by so many factors outside of our control.
Cancelling E-Scape was not a decision we took lightly, but we felt it the right one. Perhaps in a few years time others may wish to take up the mantle of E-Scape events.  I would be more than happy to be involved in an advisory capacity should that happen.
But for now, I will personally be concentrating on my ‘Beyond the Airwaves live streamed events’, (www.youtube.com/@davidwrightmusic/streams). These are continuing and in fact, we’re adding more streamed dates to. More on that to follow.
In the meantime, stay safe one and all.
David Wright 🎹🙏
AD Music

Written by David Wright