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E-Scape 2019 reaction and pics

David Wright | August 19, 2019

So, another E-Scape has been and gone. I wont kid ya, they don’t get any easier to organise….and the worry over ticket sales is always a worry. This year we just about broke even again, with just 5 tickets less than 2018 which was our best attended to date.

But  E-Scape 2019 was a blast, no doubt about that. Ever since the events first incarnation as ‘The Bungay Bash’, we have had fun, enjoyed the music and have tried to make the next years event ‘even better’. The universal opinion appears to have been that this years event was the best yet. All the acts were superb, and the organisation and effort by everyone concerned, on and off stage, was brilliant! AD Music would like to say a big “thankyou” to everyone involved on the day, and especially to the great audience. The only hiccup on the day was the power cut after Glenn Main’s set that switched off all the synths and reset the off stage mixing that meant David Wright & Carys had to mix on stage.

From the start everything went well. Axxent Opaque opened in spectacular fashion with a great rhythmic set. Infinity Curve followed with a beautifully ambient style 50 minutes. The a real treat as Stephan Whitlan and paul Ward gave us a totally improvised 30 minutes as E3. They were then joined by John Dyson and Michael Shipway for the main act, Wavestar II. What a terrific 90 minutes of regal UK synth music we had t end the afternoon session.

There was then a 21/2 break from the main stage and many of the audience stayed in the foyer restaurant area to listen to the magical music of Nik Owen Jones.

At 7:45 the music in the main hall continued with Glenn Main, who presented his music with his usual dazzling aplomb – what a performer! And finally at around 8:50 David Wright and Carys took the stage to give a polished performance of their distinctive blend of synths and voice. Then at the end, by way of an encore, the duo invited Glenn Main back on stage to perform a couple of previously unrehearsed tracks. A beautiful interpretation of an extract from Vangelis’s Heaven and Hell, then a new David Wright number called ‘Secrets’ written specially to close the show featuring synths and voice that had the audience rocking.

All in all a really great day.

Written by David Wright