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E-Scape 2015 – Afterglow!

David Wright | June 2, 2015

Artists Groups ShotE-Scape 2015 was a great success. Everyone involved, whether artists or fans who attended, had a great time! Like any event of this nature, not everything went as planned, but as a day event it was great and the artists involved were terrific both on a performance level and in helping to ensure the strict timetable was adhered to. The Music started and finished on time and there was a really good atmosphere throughout the day.

Financially we ‘broke even’ thanks to the virtual tickets. But 102 tickets in total (70 attended plus 30 virtual) is really pretty dire for the quality of music on offer.

But, the audience who DID attend – wow – they were great! An appreciative audience who made it all worthwhile and it was an honour to play for them, many I know travelled long distances, one fan from as far away as Russia!

Here are some comments:

“Got back around 11 pm last night so it’s been a long trip both ways but it was well worth it, I had a great day. It’s been so long since I’ve been to one of these all-day events and it was a sheer joy being there. I really enjoyed my chats with other fans and especially with the musicians who were, to a man (not forgetting Carys) absolutely charming”. Bruce Gall

“Thank you and all staff for E-Scape 2015 – it was amazing! I’m going to write a short review of it for Russian KLEM community”Anton Shafarostov

“I thought that the Festival was excellent and hope that David will organise another next year. What a friendly bunch all the performers are, I can understand why they appear to have so much fun together while performing. In fact everybody was friendly and welcoming”. Richard Buck

“A lovely day, hugely enjoyable. I have seen Ron (firstly at Derby!!!), Morpheusz and FD Project before and enjoy their stuff. David Wright’s  set was really good, albeit too short! John Dyson’s set was so nostalgic. More please, although I don’t know how you could top that bill”. Bernie Dawson

“Thanks again for making sure that E-scape happened. It was a great day, good atmosphere, and the music was excellent. As a member of the audience the venue seems ideal. I was particularly pleased to see John Dyson again after all these years; I felt that the whole day’s line up was a well balanced mix of EM genres, with something for everyone (and lots for me) to enjoy. Everyone I spoke to seemed to be glad that they had made the trip. I hope that the sale of some virtual tickets helped with the funding. Thanks again, and fingers crossed for something similar next year”. Mike Parrott

Thanks for a really great day. Despite the seemingly escalating series of pre-gig problems, I think the day was really a triumph. I know everyone who played had a ball and it was great to meet up with new and old faces -and especially good to discover Glenn Main – I think he has a great career ahead of him”. Stephan Whitlan

“Thanks and well done, we all had a great time”. John Dyson

We had a great weekend in the UK at the E-Scape festival. A new name for me Dreamerproject music by Kjetil Ingebrigtsen, I liked it a lot!! Very cool set by Glenn Main, man can that guy perform and play!! Stunning performances by David Wright and Carys (what a voice and presence!!) And then of coarse Mr John DysonIt was great to see John back on stage, this time with Michael Shipway and Paul Ward! A very big thnx for Stephan Whitlan for his technical support and the sound during my and the Morpheusz set. Those who ordered the VT Tickets can look forward to a great set of music 🙂 But the biggest thnx for David Wright and his lovely wife Elaine!! You made our weekend so much fun!! And thnx for the great food! This trip could not have been done without Eric, Harold, Frank, Michel and Jef, a big hug! Ron Boots.

Written by David Wright