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Dead Beat Projects ‘Gwam Arts’ in Simon Cowell’s French talent competition.

David Wright | July 6, 2015

Oliver Goyet’s (Deadbeat Project) art company “Gwam the Artists” has been shortlisted for the online competition “France Digital Talent”. They’AD Musc Newsve gone through the first two legs and now need as many votes as possible to be amongst the TOP 50 artists for the 3rd leg. If you’d like to support them in this adventure, please vote for their art company and share images and videos they’ve posted on the France Digital Talent page to help support them. 

Olivier feels this is a way to communicate and make themselves known to a wider audience. Simultaneously, they’ve been directly contacted by the ‘French Fremantle Production Company’ (owned by Simon Cowell…) for the broadcast ‘France’s got Talent 2015’ which is interested in the artistic work of Gwam Artists for submission to the French Tv Channel M6. 

Do not hesitate to contact Olivier for Gwam The Artists at www.gwam.fr if you need further information.

Written by David Wright