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David Wright – The Lost Colony – update on shipping and exclusive extras.

David Wright | May 18, 2021

Our apologise for the delay in getting ‘The Lost Colony’ electronic music CD out to customers on time. There were some unavoidable delays due to Covid and David Wright was unwell during the lead up to the release. Therefore he unable to complete work for the pre-orders. Happy to report that it was nothing too serious and he was able to complete the Exclusive Extras last week. So advanced orders shipping 18th May.

If you ordered just ‘The Lost Colony’ CD.

An ‘Exclusive Extras’ disc will accompany the CD. This will include audio of David’s thoughts on the album.

If you ordered a CD plus download:

An ‘Exclusive Extras’ disc will accompany the CD and the download link corresponding to your download preference will be emailed on 19th May.

If you ordered just the download:

The ‘Exclusive Extras’ link corresponding to your download preference will be emailed 19th May.

Additional Links:

The first is for the five recent promotional videos in MP4 format that you may have seen on Facebook and Youtube. This is a large download of 1.9GB. We thought it would be nice to include these as part of the ‘Exclusive Extras’ package available to all customers who pre-ordered. There is also a video of David Wright in the studio talking about the album. This is the same as the audio version on the ‘Exclusive Extras’ disc. Both these links are available now. The videos will provide a nice taster for those who have yet to hear the album.

If you pre-ordered ‘The Lost Colony’:

Please check your email ‘in box’ today for an email from DW. Please also note the knock on effect of the delays and the demand for download pre-orders. ‘Exclusive Extras’ available while stocks last. Please also remember this offer only applies to orders from the AD Music Shop.

So there is still time to grab yourself the exclusive extras!

Written by David Wright