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David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves, Vol. 2

David Wright | April 30, 2015


David Wright

Beyond the Airwaves Vol 2Beyond the Airwaves, Vol.2

CD and download available to pre-order at www.admusicshop.com (you will not be charged until the release date).

Catalogue number AD141CD

UPC Number 780017014121 LC13643
Category: Electronic, Chill-Out, Down Tempo

Release Date: 1st June 2015 – CD, MP3 and Flac.

1. False Dawn (4:19) 2. Sirens (3:12) 3. Dreaming Desire (5:23) 4. Remembering Where We Were (8:11) 5. Point Two (4:37)
6. Sign of Three (3:44) 7. Where We Are Is Where We’ve Been (5:35) 8. Animism (2:23) 9. Ghost Dancer (6:35) 10. Vision Quest (2:15)   11. Return to the Plains (9:37) 12. Earth and Sky (3:02)
Bonus Tracks:
13. Call to Me (7:56)
14. Walking With Ghosts, DJMass Chill Out Mix (5:39)
(Total album time 72:26)

Music composed, performed and produced by David Wright.

Volume 2 of David Wright’s ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ trilogy continues where Volume 1 left off, presenting a variety of Electronic, Chill-Out and Space Rock styles, this time with guests Robert Fox on synths, Lee Morant on guitar and the voice of Carys.

The 35 minute ‘Dreaming Desire’ is a beautifully emotive and slow building journey through the senses. Described as; “A Symphony for Synth and Voice”, it features the evocative wordless vocals of Carys and added keyboard input by Robert Fox.

’Return to the Plains’ is a masterful reworking of sections from ‘Moments In Time’, reimagined to stunning effect. The 25 minute epic builds with strong rhythms, sequences and ethnic flavours, underpinned by a multitude of layers, lush passages and sensational guitar by Lee Morant. Taken from 2012/13 live concerts, the music has been reworked and added to in the studio.

The 2 bonus tracks are the gorgeous downtempo ‘Call to Me’ written by Carys and David Wright, plus a Chill Out Remix of ‘Walking with Ghosts’ by DJMass.

‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 2’ is another pulsating voyage into cosmic electronic music. Rich with drama it’s a worthy addition to David Wright’s extensive catalogue.

For further information and sound bites, please visit: www.admusicshop.com
Available through mail order outlets and online through AD Music, iTunes and other online stores from 1st June 2015

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Written by David Wright