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E-Scape 2019 reaction and pics

David Wright | August 19, 2019

So, another E-Scape has been and gone. I wont kid ya, they don’t get any easier to organise….and the worry over ticket sales is always a worry. This year we just about broke even again, with just 5 tickets less than 2018 which was our best attended to date. But […]

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David Wright & Carys 2019 concerts

David Wright | March 21, 2019

David Wright will be joined by Carys for a number of UK concerts during 2019, There are concerts in Sheffield on 17th April, Newcastle on 18th April and Kinross on 20th April plus E-Scape 0n 1st June and finally a special charity concert in Worthing on 23rd November. Tickets for […]

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E-Scape 2018 news

David Wright | April 29, 2018

4 weeks until E-Scape 2018 and tickets sales could do with a boost, so come on folks, if you’re coming please get your tickets soon. And if you cant make it, then please support the artists buy purchasing a Virtual Ticket. Full details on the AD Music shop website. Can […]

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E-Scape – April update (change to line-up)

David Wright | April 6, 2017

The past week has seen several changes to the line-up for E-Scape 2017 and we’d like to apologise for any confusion. This year’s festival features an array of talent; two icons of the synthesizer scene make ARC and they are performing all new music! Glenn Main returns and we’re proud to present German synth […]

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E-Scape 2017 full line-up Update

David Wright | March 15, 2017

An update on the full line up for the E-Scape all day electronic music festival on 13th May 2017 in Halesworth, Suffolk, UK. Confirming;- ARC (Mark Shreeve & Ian Boddy), Klaus ‘Cosmic’ Hoffmann-Hoock, Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder, Glenn Main, Dreamerproject and David Wright & Carys. Plus, AD Music are pleased […]