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August/September news

David Wright | August 29, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that all seven of the AD Music compilations on CD are now available FREE from AD Music – you just pay the postage! Please check them out here.

E-Scape albums
If you haven’t investigated the E-Scape collection yet, maybe take a peak here at the 6 stunning CD/download albums featuring exclusive music from many AD Music artists plus guests like Ian Boddy, ARC, John Dyson, Bernd Kistenmacher, Ron Boots and many more who have appeared at the E-Scape festivals since 2015.

Trouble Logging in to the AD Music website?
We are aware that some of you have experienced problems logging into the AD Music website. This is always down to one of two reasons. Firstly, wrong username or password. And secondly and most commonly, because a customer hasn’t logged into the website for quite a while, maybe 6 months or longer. For security reasons the site no longer recognises your old details. In this instance, it’s easier to simply create a new username and password and start again.

Forthcoming releases.

There are 2 definite releases for the end of 2021 and 2 more that will probably surface early 2022.

Steve Orchard – Enchanted Autumn (AD225CDr) October
Divine Matrix – Celestial Phenomena (AD226CDr) October
David Wright – Returning Tides Vol 2 (AD223CD) Probably Feb 2022
Robert Fox – Timeless Vol 2 (AD224CD) Probably Feb 2022

Stay safe

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Written by David Wright