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David Wright is now considered a veteran of the UK Electronic music scene and one of the foremost instrumental music composers. Founder of the AD Music label and co-founder of Code Indigo, his music varies in style, from long and adventurous to short and ethnic influenced.

Robert Fox

Robert Fox is amongst the most popular of UK synthesists with a unique sound and style that is thematic, emotive and often dramatic. He remains at the forefront of the more grandiose, ‘new age’ style of electronic music and is regarded by many as ‘Master of the Grand Soundscape”.

Bekki Williams

Bekki Williams is a UK composer specializing in warm and rhythmic melodic music that is expertly crafted New Age and electronic music with heart, depth and strong classical elements. This is music with considerable structure and style that continues to be very popular.

Code Indigo

Code Indigo is one of those hard to categorise electronic avant-garde rock bands whose music crosses genres and has wide appeal. The music is original, with thematic compositions, an imaginative combination of synths, keyboards, guitar, samples and rhythms plus a good helping of experimental, ambient and down tempo chill out influences. The music compares to that of a ‘Blade Runner’ style soundtrack, with Pink Floyd and Art of Noise influences.


Callisto is the David Wright and Dave Massey project, producing melodic, rhythmic, electronic music that references the classic traditions of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Vangelis. The 2004 debut CD `Signal to the Stars’ was hailed by the music press as “a classic electronic music masterpiece” and contained melodic, thematic music in the best tradition of those aforementioned luminaries. The darker, edgier follow up CD ‘NYX’ was released in 2010 and spawned the concert recording ‘Live at the Hampshire Jam’, which features lengthened alternative versions from NYX.

Andy Pickford

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Carlo Luzi is an Italian guitarist born in Rome in 1962. Computer programmer, lover of ambient, experimental and electronic music, he started to play electronic music in 1980 and founded the group “Terra della Sera” with Paolo de Gregori (Kaj Norrljus), producing several projects released on LP in Germany, but which were not widely available.

In 2008 he formed the project “SeraSidereA”, again with Paolo de Gregori and with the participation of soprano Daniela Massi releasing a double CD-R called “Aestetica Tenebrarum”.

In 2008 Carlo also released “Sirens” under the alias Acheloo and this was signed by AD Music who also signed the follow-up “Ishtar”.

Acheloo has a unique approach to ambient music, combining electronics and guitar to stunning effect. Beautifully produced and with a deep emotional content, the music washes over the listener like gentle waves while bathing in a sea of tranquility. To quote independent reviews; “The music is a wonderful example of cosmic, ambient music in the tradition of, say, Dreamtime by Steve Roach. Beautiful drifting soundscapes that weave between beauty, warm cosmic spaces and a sense of emptiness and danger that also call to mind the early visions of Tangerine Dream”.


Celandine consists of Carys, Rosemary, and a guitar (unnamed). Both classically-trained vocalists, Carys discovered folk and folk-rock after being dragged to a Fairport Convention gig back in 1996, whereas Rosemary advertised for someone to sing folk songs with in late 2010, and didn’t realise what she was letting herself in for until it was much too late. They perform their own arrangements of traditional folk songs, a few covers and self penned material. Carys is also known on the EM scene due working with Code Indigo and David Wright.

Mind Over matter

‘Mind Over Matter’ is the brainchild of Cosmic Hoffmann/Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. Their debut album ”Music for Paradise’ was released on vinyl by the IC label in 1989. A number of varied albums were to follow over the years, along with a changing line-up. A full history of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and ‘Mind Over Matter’ can be found on the Mindala website.

Cosmic Hoffmann

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Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock

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One of the more recent additions to the AD Music stable is the electronic music project, Geigertek. The debut Geigertek album was “The Garden”, a superb creation released digitally in July 2008 and also available as a CDr release with AD Music’s usual high quality artwork and on body print.

Divine Matrix

Divine Matrix is a Steve Barnes pseudonym designed to free himself from the confines of any particular genre and allow room to experiment a little with sound and song structure. The music is very much in the contemporary chill out style of electronica.


Ketil Lien, aka Wim, from Norway. He started listening to Jarre and Tangerine Dream in the 80’s and they quickly became his biggest early influences. He also has a liking for Kitaro, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield and the warmth and depth of their music is clearly evident in Wim’s style.


Dreamerproject is the creative brainchild of Norwegian artist Kjetil Ingebrigtsen. Kjetil has been making music for a long time. His first demo was a piano ballad called “Dream On” which was recorded in “At The Barn” studios in Fredrikstad. In 2005 he started working on his first electronic music, and two years later released the demo album “Voyage”.

Glenn Main

Glenn Main is a Norwegian electronic music composer whose music is influenced by such luminaries as Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kitaro.

He started his own recording studio in Oslo during the early 1990’s and released his first solo albums “Electronic Secret” in 2008. To date he has released a further 6 solo albums. “Message”, “Arctic Treasures”, “Christmatronic”, and then with the UK record label AD Music, ”Ripples” and “Into The Blue”.

He has subsequently carved a niche for himself by creating well produced, melodic electronic music that clearly mirrors his influences, yet strikingly retains a totally unique style. Glenn’s music also shows that he is not afraid to push boundaries and explore new musical territory while remaining true to his unique core style and musical integrity. A prolific live performer in Norway, Glenn has won critical acclaim from fans and media alike for his concerts. He also records under the name ARGH producing synth pop music.


Witchcraft were a USA duo whose music was of a highly imaginative and original style that was years ahead of its time. John Buehler – vocals, keyboards, drum machines, percussion, vocoder & design. Andrew Arbetter – guitar.

Richard Bone

Richard has been making EM for many years and has produced a wonderful and diverse collection of albums. We’re very impressed with his latest offering and are pleased to have it as part of our catalogue. “Serene Life” is a gentle analogue, ambient electronic music excursion that will appeal to those who like drifting space music.

Sylvain Carel

French composer Sylvain Carel’s music is an expertly crafted blend of contemporary, instrumental electronic music with strong ethnic influences without ever becoming ‘world music’. Combining synths, guitar and various other acoustic instruments, rhythms and vocal textures, the music is an extraordinarily captivating and varied soundtrack style.


iotronica creates Space Music from her studio in a remote village by the sea in Cornwall, UK. Influenced by electronic music from a very young age by the likes of Kraftwerk, Can, Wendy Carlos, Jean Michel Jarre, and then in her teens, “Synthpop”, she brought an ARP Odyssey synth.

Steve Orchard

The instrumental music of Steve Orchard is highly emotional and inspired by the likes of Tomita, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis. Historically his roots are based in the folk singer/songwriter scene but the music he has composed in recent years is very much in the meditative, new age, relaxing, chill out style. Steve continues to stretch the boundaries of innovative instrumental composition playing acoustic and electric guitars as well as various keyboards. He lives in the tranquility of the Cotswold’s, England with his wife Julie.

Dead Beat Project

Dead Beat Project is the brainchild of Olivier Goyet, a classically trained French musician, put together as an electro-accoustico project that would allow musical expression in many genres, while keeping a unified feeling of emotionally inspired music to open the mind of the listener.

Paul Sills

Paul Sills is a UK based instrumental artist and has become best known for his inspiring, melodic, instrumental New Age music. Since his first release in 2007, Paul has established himself as main contributor to the New Age music scene. His early influences span many genres including artists like U2 through to Vangelis. Paul’s music has been best described as uplifting, emotional, thoughtful and inspiring.

Catalin Marin

Catalin’s music combines dynamic instrumental Vangelis style melody and soundtrack orchestration, choirs, subtle ethnic touches and great rhythms.

Lord of the Ants

Lord of the Ants is the alias of electronic music composer and producer Christopher Westcott. Aside from the Lord of the Ants music project, Christopher is also an entrepreneur and is currently involved in a number of successful business ventures, including owning and operating an award-winning internet-based company.

Robert de Fresnes

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