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Wim aka Ketil Lien

SONY DSCWim aka Ketil Lien was born in Trondheim, Norway in 1972. His love for synth music comes from listening to the electronic music of  Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, and his music is clearly a fusion of those three influences. Ketil played with various keyboards for years before finally purchasing his first real synth, a Kawai K11 and his first computer and Cakewalk software in 1995. He soon added a Korg X5D synth module to expand his musical capabilities. It was with this setup that Ketil creativity began to flourish.

But Ketil had to concentrate on his studies, so music went on ‘pause’ until around 2000 when he discovered the endless possibilities opening up with computer based music systems. So he invested in a good computer and starting with the Orion Platinum music program and software synth, he began to explore the endless possibilities. At last he could start creating the music he had always wanted to. Overcoming the cpu and ram restrictions of those early days, Ketil has progressed to a state of the art computer music system, staying loyal to Cakewalk and using SonarX3 as his DAW.

His melodic, emotive style has found great favour amongst AD Music fans, with the classic ‘Econ Theme’ track licensed for several compilation CDs.

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