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Robert Fox

Robert FoxRobert Fox is one of the leading exponents of melodic orchestral electronic music and co-founder of the band Code Indigo. Considered by many to be “Master of the Grand Soundscape”, Robert’s music has a unique signature and style that has established him as one of the most popular and original composers of the genre. Robert is also a theatre director with many critically acclaimed soundtracks and his music has an emotive depth that is at times achingly haunting and that few musicians can aspire to.

In 1991 the debut album “Asfafa” was released to much critical acclaim. Essentially a travelogue, through and to people and places both real and imagined, the impact of people and places was to continue to influence and inspire his music from then on. “The Fire and the Rose” , a “Gathering of Spirits” and “Blue Mountains Suite” followed in relatively quick succession through to 1994. In 1995 early collaborations with David Wright led to the founding of the band Code Indigo. By now a new name had both emerged and been defined within the Electronic Music genre and with a style and signature that is not only clearly unique but also a dynamic force within the collaborative projects of David Wright and Robert Fox, as well as Code Indigo’s rapid rise to the fore. It is not surprising then that the connection with AD Music was to be consolidated as one of the main musical outputs of the label.

The output continued to flow unabated with the release of more solo albums through to his final CD release “Still Waters” in 2013. Each one of these albums sees a slight shift in the musical palette to what might be described now as a leaning towards music of a more ethereal, magical otherworldliness ‘New Age feel, with Still Waters being a beautiful, drifting excursion into eastern mysticism.

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