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Mind Over Matter

*inlay-mom‘Mind Over Matter’ is the brainchild of Klaus ‘Cosmic Hoffmann‘-Hoock. His debut album ”Music for Paradise’ was released on vinyl by the IC label in 1986. A number of varied albums were to follow over the years, along with a changing line-up.

The musical style was typified as a meditative journey; melodic themes in an ambient space music style, full of gentle motion. On his travels to Asia, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock recorded voices and atmospheric moods that he then interwove in his music with rhythmical patterns and wide keyboard pads adding a magical texture.

He won several electronic music awards with his twelve CDs and four DVDs, his music being often used for TV contributions about Asia.

A full history of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and  ‘Mind Over Matter’ can be found on the Mindala website.

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