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Ambient electronic music

Ambient electronic music is a sub genre of electronica. It is usually slow in tempo and concentrates on drones and the timbre of sounds. This creates slowly evolving textures that evoke mood and atmosphere, effectively background music. The birth of ambient music can be traced back to Brian Eno’s ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’ and his subsequent series of ambient albums.


The genre merged with electronic and new age music in the 1980s, expanding to include more sequenced rhythmic and space music elements as performed by the like of Tangerine Dream and Patrick O’Hearn. Acts like The Orb and Aphex Twins expanded on this even further, adding even more modern sensibilities. The genre further evolved into music for chill-rooms and some DJ’s even reimagined the early ambient music for a more modern audience.


AD Music has an impressive roster of artists who have been performing ambient electronic music since the 1980s. They continue to explore and experiment with sounds and textures with acoustic and synthesiser instruments to expand their vision of the genre.