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Month: October 2015

Live Events

E-Scape 2016 full line-up confirmed.

David Wright | October 22, 2015

We’re pleased to announce the full line-up for E-Scape 2016 with the final addition of Translunar. Full details about the event can be found on the E-Scape page on the admusicshop.com website. For more information including full details about the Virtual Tickets or hiring a stall at the venue, please contact […]

Live Events

E-Scape – Foyer Act

David Wright | October 21, 2015

Here is an interesting opportunity for aspiring UK based electronic music artists. We are currently looking at potential candidates for the 2016 and 2017 E-Scape festival and in particular, what we call “The Foyer Act”. There is a 2 hours change over between the afternoon and evening shows. During this […]

Live Events

E-Scape 2016 update

David Wright | October 18, 2015

An update on the E-Scape 2016 line -up:- ‘The Glimmer Room’ have now been added to the line-up, so the main stage for the day is now: Bernd Kistenmacher Ian Boddy Andy Pickford Stephan Whitlan The Glimmer Room We have still to agree an act for the foyer and hope to announce […]

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